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11 reason why relationship ain’t lasting this day

There are so many reasons why relationship ain’t lasting this day, sit back and get to know some reason why relationship ain’t lasting this day

See the 11 reason why most relationship ain’t lasting this day

10 reason why relationship ain’t lasting this day

[1]  lack of communication

Communication gap between the love birds, lack of loyalty, trust, understanding and fair hearing in the relationship are the major causes of setback in some relationships and some are consumed with the experience of their past relationships to the extent that they’ll not give proper attention to their new heart rub cuz they’re thinking that the relationship will not be reciprocating.

[2] Too much pride

The love for material things instead of loving each other regardless of what, cheating, lies,not communicating well and lack of commitment destroys the relationship.

you always think you are better than your partner,, 🙅 learn to swallow your pride. Perfect people can’t make a relationship work🙅

[3] Men are not loving and women aren’t submissive.

Men initially are supposed to be providers which now women also do, women do most things men should be doing so most women feel they don’t need men. Women buy houses, cars, own businesses, women can do artificial insemination to get kids, women do masturbate, women are leaders, etc. Our modern living has deteriorated a role of a man in women’s lives. A lot has changed from the time of our parents marriages to now.

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Men don’t respect or value women anymore. Men feel that they can move from one woman to another and think it’s okay. They feel they have options.

[4] Loving and submission has become the thing of the past unfortunately

We are sadly living in a me first society. Very few these days go into a relationship willing to put the other first when they need it. Someday the husband needs more from the relationship and sometimes she does. It take more effort to maintain a relationship than to throw it away and get another. That is another problem, we live in a disposable society. Get done with it throw it away no matter what it is.

[5] There is so much mistrust in this generation

There is genuine love thoughts of your partner not being loyal will just kick in as a result most MEN have revised a technic of casual dating, no matter what you do as a lady such Guys will use that promised land and still see you as something they can’t settle with….

Because of knowing the uncertainty WOMEN also have devised a technic of dating more than one man, their calculation is that one of them would be serious,

Which actually proves that this generation is lost and the trend will never really end, for as long as such thoughts exit relationships will never last, we need Grace..

[,6]Men tend to see a better someone from where you lack.

If you don communicate well,they don sit and talk with you to make you understand. They will date someone who does the opposite as you and when you find out and question that ,they will blame you for it. NEVER trust a guy because you will end up being sick, pregnant and regretful. Men tend to blame you for every shit they do ,without a valid reason.
Lastly, be 100% loyal and you will see that you are blinded and are a joke.

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[7] Concepts of true love has changed over the years

people believe that being in love is like a fairy tale movie where there is just pure love and fun times but the sad truth is relationships are not like that and could never be there are always going to be fall outs between you and your partner but what really matter is how you both resolve those problems when they do come so if we fail understand that, relationships will continue to end prematurely on a regular basis

[8]People think a relationship is a job

many ladies think relationship is job opportunity where it only benefits themselves. They will tell you ” if it doesn’t pay bills then they don’t want it”. People love money more than themselves that’s so sad.
relationship are ment to care,love and care for each other

[9]selfishness of people

People are too selfish they don’t care about the feelings of their partners. Social media has also tried to portray a certain picture on how a relationship is supposed to be such that we nolonger appreciate our partners because we trying to compare them to what we read and see online.
Friend influence, we give each other advice on how a man or woman is supposed to treat you but we forget that love is between two people.
Then the other party wants sees how entakos the other party wants money

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11 reason why relationship ain’t lasting this day


[10] Many women date to survive

it’s sad.. women lie to each other and made it a norm that a man must pay you to love you And that unfortunately isn’t genuine love.

Stop CHEATING it has KILLED many people YOU may be NEXT and innocent ones as well.

Communicate always, you can’t take a break or want space from your partner that’s bullsh*t.

ALL Men hate being disrespected and yelling it’s a huge turn off and red flag. Men also should respect women.

Get yourself a good man/woman and don’t involve your friends in your relationship or any third parties.

Dont prioritise your friends before your man or woman. Cancel BESTIES! Coz your partner should be your best friend.

Love your man/woman genuinely for who he/she is and build him/her, love isn’t easy but it makes both of you kings and queens then it will be easy and flawless for eternity

[11]The world is changing constantly rearranging

Relationships are not lasting longer as anticipated,we don’t love deep enough our love is based on what can you do for me, our love is glowing cold and the chains of bond are broken, here is why , we go into relationships because of love which is literally and absolutely wrong, for that reason many hearts are broken because they love that person without the knowledge and understanding the ingredients required for that relationship to withstand the overwhelming conflict between the two partners, we tend to take things for granted because everything in our generation is based on materialistic stuffs. we build our relationship based on self centred without involving the creator or the partner. forcing things to happen within the stipulated short period of time, without understanding what it takes and keeps things going.

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