A woman pronounced dead after being involved in a car accident surprised mourners at her funeral when she began pounding on the coffin. Rosa Isabel Cespedes callaca had been announced as a fatality in an accident that also claimed the life of her brother-in-law, the Daily Star reported.

Her three cousins ​​also suffered serious injuries as a result of the incident that took place on the Chicago-Picsi road in the region.

Funeral for Rosa Isabel Cespedes Callaca was underway when relatives heard a strange noise coming from her coffin last week during service in the town of Lambayque, Peru. The mourners were shocked when they heard noises at the beginning of the service.

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Her relatives, who had lifted the box onto their shoulders, quickly lowered it and opened it and found her alive as she stared at them.

Cemetery manager Juan Segundo Cajo commented: “[She] opened her eyes and sweated. I immediately went to my office and called the police.” Her family picked up the coffin and took it to Ferrenafe Referential Hospital in Lambayeque, with Rosa still inside, the Metro reports.

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Concerned medics put Rosa on a ventilator after noticing she had faint signs of life, but unfortunately she died a few hours later.

Her family asks health care bosses for answers to find out why she was pronounced dead “in the first place”. Her aunt told local media: “We want to know why my niece reacted when we took her to the funeral. “We have the videos of her pushing and touching the coffin.”

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Rosa’s relatives concluded that she may have been in a coma after the accident, which could be why the medics thought she was dead. Police in Peru are now investigating the incident, which took place at the regional hospital of Lambayeque, where she was treated for the first time.


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