MC 3310 is a super talented Nigerian comedian. He is also known as Kwaro Band. In this article, I’ll explain everything you need to know about MC 3310, his real name, career and more.

mc 3310
mc 3310

MC 3310 Biography

Kenneth Ogwuchi, popularly known as Mc 3310 or Kwaro Band, was born in Kogi state. He is Igala by tribe. He did both his primary and secondary school in Kogi State.

He is a comedian by profession. He rose to fame early last year (2021) and caught the attention of the public after sharing his comedies on his social media pages.

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MC 3310 Real name

His real name is Kenneth Ogwuchic.

MC 3310 Career

mc 3310
mc 3310

Mc 3310 started his comedy career a long time ago, but in 2021 he got lucky as he gained more followers on social media. According to Hausa, his band is considered Sarki Dariya, which means the king of laughter.

This superstar is indeed trending due to the fact that his comedies are undoubtedly funny. His funny character alone can make you smile.

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Kwaro band
mc 3310 also called Kwaro band

Where does MC 3310 come from?

Kenneth Ogwuchi, also known as 3310, was born in Kogi state. He is a resident of Kogi State, Nigeria. He is Igala by tribe. He did his primary and secondary education there.

How did he get the name MC 3310?

He probably got his name from the Nokia 3310 phone and is currently one of the fast rising entertainers in the country.

MC 3310 Download Songs MP3

Here are some songs sung by the talented comedian, sarkin dariya

  • Ginger Me ft Kwaro BandTo download
  • Jerusalem feat Kwaro BandTo download
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MC 3310 Net value

The net value of MC 3310 is still unknown for the time being, as no publicity has been made about this part.

Comic Videos of Mc 3310

Social media

You can connect to MC 3310 at: Instagram @officialmc3310


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