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Who is Tayo Aina?

Tayo Aina (born December 9, 1992) is a Nigerian Content Creator, Entrepreneur, YouTuber and Vlogger who won the 2022 Future Awards Africa Prize for Content Creation.

Tayo Aina Profile Bio Wiki Data Summary

Nickname: Tayo Aina Movies

Real name: Tayo Aina

Nationality: Nigerian

State of Origin: Ekiti State

residence: Ado-Ekiti

Birthplace: Lagos State

tribe: Yoruba

Date of birth: December 9, 1992

Birthday: December 9

Age: 29 years old

Height: 6″ 2 feet long

Career, profession: Filmmaker, YouTuber, Storyteller, Entrepreneur

Net value: $350,000 US dollars

Net worth in Naira: ₦200,000,000

Relationship, marital status: Only

Married: No

Wife, Girlfriend: To date

Parents: Mr and Mrs Aina

Siblings, sister: Jay Tiwalola Aina

Education: Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA)

Class: Property/Property Management

YouTube: Tayo Aina

Instagram: tayoainafilms

facebook: tayoainafilms

Twitter: Tayo Aina @tayoainafilms

Website: http://Tayoainafilms.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/temitayoaina

Tayo Aina . Photos

About Tayo Aina Career, Occupation, Life History, YouTube Stories, Videos, Awards, Education, Family

Bio, Wiki: Tayo Aina is a handsome Nigerian born filmmaker, photographer and content creator who posts travel and lifestyle videos on YouTube.

Tayo Aina Films is an independent YouTuber, filmmaker and storyteller who creates lifestyle, travel, business and real estate content that showcases the beauty of Africa and shares the stories of African companies and brands.

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He mainly shoots for brands and other people who need him to shoot for them. He then uses his personal money to fund his own creative sessions.

Tayo Aina has filmed in some states in Nigeria like Lagos, Akwa Ibom, Abuja, Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi, Obudu, Niger and some more.

Over the past 4 years he has traveled and explored in over 12 countries and collaborated with various lifestyle and travel brands to bring their stories to life. Tayo Aina has done some works in Kenya, Rwanda, Cape Verde, Ghana, among others.

Tayo Aina Spacebook.ng: Tayo Aina also runs a start-up called spacebook.ng, a platform for booking apartments, event centers and other spaces across the country.

When Tayo Aina isn’t making movies, he runs his startup Spacebook.

Spacebook is a travel company that focuses on accommodation, where people book apartments and rent spaces online.

List of Tayo Aina Awards

The Future Awards 2022: Tayo Aina was nominated for The Future Awards Africa prize for content creation in 2022 and won.

The Future Awards Africa prize for content creation

Isaac ‘Zicsaloma’ Aloma (30)

Tayo Aina (29) WINNER

Onyekelu ‘Jenni Frank’ Jennifer Ebere (27)

Apaokagi ‘Taaooma’ Maryam (22)

Emmanuel ‘Mr Funny’ Ejekwu (26)

Tobi ‘Street Church’ Oreoluwa (31)

Trendupp Awards 2021 Nomination: Tayo Aina was nominated for Trendupp Awards 2021.

Tayo Aina Educational background, schools attended

Tayo Aina graduated in Real Estate/Property Management from the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA).

Ifako International Secondary School

(Class of 2008)

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Federal Technical University Akure

Real estate/property management

(2010 – 2015)

Tayo Aina Course, Youtube Academy: Tayo Aina offers course on YouTube. He leads THE YOUTUBE CREATOR ACADEMY, a comprehensive video course that reveals the secrets of mastering the art of building a YouTube business.

Tayo Aina shares how to start a successful YouTube business specifically focused on training emerging African creators. The course is not just for novice YouTubers.

Country of origin, nationality: Tayo Aina is a Nigerian from Ekiti State, Nigeria.

State of Origin: Where is Tayo Aina from? Tayo Aina is from Ekiti State, Nigeria.

tribe, place of residence: Tayo Aina is from Ado-Ekiti in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Tayo Aina is a Yoruba tribe from southwestern Nigeria.

Date of birth: Tayo Aina was born on December 9, 1992.

Age: How old is Tayo Aina? Tayo Aina is 29 years old. Tayo Aina will celebrate its 30th birthday on December 9, 2022.

Tayo Aina Height: How tall is Tayo Aina? Tayo Aina is about 1.80 meters long.

Tayo Aina . Photos

Tayo Aina tattoo: Tayo Aina likes body tattoos and got his left hand tattooed.

Tayo Aina Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Tayo Aina was born in the family of Mr. and Mrs. Aina, his parents.

Tayo Aina’s sister’s name is Jay Tiwalola Aina.

Tayo Aina Vader: Meet Tayo Aina’s father, Mr. Aina.

Married, Marriage, Wedding Photos: Is Tayo Aina married? Tayo Aina is not married yet. He’s single.

Tayo Aina Female: Who is Tayo Aina’s wife? Tayo Aina does not have a wife yet because he is still single.

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Tayo Aina girlfriend: Who is Tayo Aina girlfriend, name, photos? Tayo Aina has a girlfriend with whom he is in a relationship, but keeps the identity of his girlfriend a secret.

Tayo Aina Fiance, Relationship, Engagement, Engaged, Marriage Proposal: Tayo Aina is not yet engaged to his lover.

Tayo Aina Net worth 2022, 2021, 2023

How much is Tayo Aina net worth?

Tayo Aina’s net worth is estimated at $350,000 US Dollar in 2022, 2021.

Tayo Aina net worth in Naira: Tayo Aina net worth in naira is about ₦200,000,000 Naira in 2022.

Tayo Aina is one of the richest YouTubers in Nigeria with over $350,000 US dollars in 2022.

Tayo Aina House and cars, mansion

Tayo Aina lives in Lagos’ house and drives nice cars.

Tayo Aina Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Tayo Aina can be reached through his email address or through his Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages.

Tayo Aina Social Media Grips

Tayo Aina Instagram: Tayo Aina instagram Page Account Profile Handle is tayoaina movies.

Tayo Aina currently has 52.1k followers on his Instagram page at the time of writing this article.

Tayo Aina Facebook: Tayo Aina Facebook page name is tayoaina movies.

Tayo Aina Facebook profile bio reads:

I am an entrepreneur/YouTuber living in Lagos Nigeria. I create content around Tavel, Real Estate and Lifestyle.”

Tayo Aina YouTube: Tayo Aina YouTube channel is Tayo Aina. He currently has 349k subscribers as of March 3, 2022.


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