Chidinma Esther “Bella” Okagbue (born May 29, 1997) is an accomplished model, content creator and social media influencer from Nigeria. She is a famous personality in the Nigeria influencing community and is known by the nickname Bella BB Naija.

She became a reality TV star after she became a roommate in Big Brother Naija Show.

BBNaija Bella Okagbue competes with 25 other housemates to win a top prize of 100 million naira and become the biggest reality TV personality in the country.

Nigerian TV Personality

Bella Okagbue
Bella Okagbue: History • Bio • Photo
Wiki Facts and About Data
First and last name: Chidinma Esther Okagbue
Artist name: Bella Okagbue
Born: February 2, 1992 (age 52 years)
Birthplace: Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria
State of origin: State of Anambra
Nationality: Nigerian
Height: N/A
Parents: Mr and Mrs Okagbue
Brothers and sisters: Sandra Okagbue, Chris Okagbue
Husband • Husband: Not married
Boyfriend • Partner: Not disclosed
Children: N/A
Activity: Model • Reality TV Personality
Net value: US$40,000

early life

BBNaija Bella Okagbue was born on May 29, 1997 into the illustrious Okagbue family. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. okagbue. Days after she was born, her birth was registered with the name Chidinma Esther Okagbue.

She comes from a loving Igbo family of five. She was born and raised in the city of Onitsha. Bella Okagbue is a native of Anambra state, southeastern Nigeria.

She comes from a family of creatives. Her older sister is Sandra Okagbuethe singer’s baby mama, Taste N’abania. BBNaija Bella Okagbue is the younger sister of the Nollywood actor Chris Okagbue.


BBNaija Bella Okagbue completed her primary and secondary education at leading private schools in Onitsha.

After graduating from high school in 2013, she decided to pursue a university education. Bella Okagbue is an alumnus of the University of Lagos (UNILAG).


Encouraged by the success of her older siblings in the entertainment and media industry, BBNaija Bella Okagbue decided to become a model. She started modeling as a student. She signed with a top modeling agency in Lagos which helped her land many modeling gigs all over Nigeria.

She took her career a step further by auditioning for modeling spots in commercials and music videos. In most cases, she was selected for her beautiful appearance and elegant style.

She is also a leading player in the economy of content creation in Nigeria. Bella Okagbue works as a content creator from the comfort of her home. She has offered her services to various brands in the country.

In the past three years, BBNaija . has Bella Okagbue has become one of the top social media influencers of Southeast Extraction. She has helped many brands to promote their products and services on her social media pages. She studied Content Creation at the Content Creator School to get better at her job.

In early 2022, she set herself the goal of becoming a Reality TV Star. So when additions for the 7th season of the Big Brother Naija show happened in May 2022, she entered. As fate would have it, Bella Okagbue scaled through the different selection stages to emerge as one of 24 housemates who first entered the house.

BBNaija Bella Okagbue currently competes to become the biggest reality TV star in Africa.

Social media

BBNaija Bella Okagbue is a famous personal brand in the Nigerian social media community.

She currently has over 83.9k followers on Instagram which is expected to increase over time.

  • Instagram handle: @bellaokagbue
  • Twitter handle: @Bella_Okagbue

Private life

BBNaija Bella Okagbue is one of the beautiful roommates on the Big Brother Naija Show. She has a light skin tone and a slim build. Since she joined the reality show, the number of her male and female admirers has skyrocketed.

Bella Okagbue is a social butterfly who likes to lead a soft life. She is a personal shopper for top Nigerian celebrities and is known for buying only luxury items. She is semi-introverted – she can be both introverted and extroverted depending on her mood.

She is currently single and lives in a spacious apartment in a gated community in Lekki, Lagos. BBNaija Bella Okagbuethe fan base is called rebelz.

BBNaija Bella Okagbue has no married man, boyfriend or child.

Net value

Bella Okagbue lives a comfortable life off the income generated by her modeling work, creating content and social media that influence their careers.

BBNaija Bella Okagbue‘s net worth is estimated at US$40,000.

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