Well-endowed Yoruba actress, Zainab Bakare, has revealed why she’s not ashamed of getting an ass lift.

The interpreter said she cannot be beaten for being open about lifting her buttocks, as it is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the buttocks.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she said: “I feel like no one will beat me for telling the truth. Why should I hide? I don’t have to hide because I don’t live my life for people.”

About why she got the butt lift, Bakare said, “It’s not that I wasn’t comfortable with my body. I’m just tired of the waist training. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to dressing up and I got tired. cuddling, there’s always that harshness for me (caused by feeling the waist trainer) I got irritated at one point, so I felt like I could get the procedure with my money.”
About how she feels after undergoing the procedure, she said: “If there’s something that worries you and that thing goes away, you feel relieved. That’s exactly how I feel.”

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The actress also insisted she has no words for people who condemn butt implants. She said, ‘I have nothing to say to them. For those who want to do it, I will just advise them to go to the right hospital where it will be done properly without any complications. If you have the money and you think your stomach is too big, or you don’t feel comfortable with your body, then you can go for it. It is not a problem. As doctors often say, every surgery has a 50/50 chance, no matter how small. I don’t know why people judge it so much that they make those who do it feel like they are committing a sin.”

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About how she feels at this point in her career, Bakare said, “I’m not there yet, but I’m thankful to God for how far He’s taken me. I pray for more strength, grace and all the good things in life. ”


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