Where can I exchange my Pi for goods & services

Where can I exchange my Pi for goods & services

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Pi is now being exchanged for goods and services by pioneers all over the world, but there is a silent dispute over the prices.

While many suggest that the price should be $314 for a single Pi coin, which they believe to be a more reasonable price for Pi, some claim that there is a consensus of $314,159 for a single Pi coin.

As long as the service providers and the customer agree on what the price should be, a surprising number of people actually trade on both prices. But do you believe that the pricing will continue?
Pi Network Coin has established the following rules for all pioneers:

Pioneers are permitted to trade with one another and exchange Pi for goods and services, according to the Pi network, but they are not permitted to swap Pi for fiat money or any other cryptocurrency. These are blatantly illegal and may result in Pioneer’s account being suspended or deleted.

These markets are prepared, but they are all awaiting the SDK, which is nearly finished by the Pi network team.

Be sure to use the Pi network browser to do your marketplace searches.

Table of Contents

Most of the difficulties that many people face are due to their inability to locate a market or a nearby individual with whom to deal; but, do not fear; this article has got you covered

The following topics make up this article:
  1. How do you get your Pi coins out?
  2. What can you do with Pi if you can’t withdraw it?
  3. Does that imply that mining PI is pointless or useless, and the Pi has no value at all?
  4. When will the value of Pi be known?
  5. How much will Pi be worth?
  6. Where are the markets and where can I trade my Pi for services?
  7. How do you get your Pi coins out?

Due to the fact that Pi is now in phase two of three phases, you cannot withdraw your Pi coins. It is not yet a fully functional cryptocurrency, and there are no exchanges that list it.

What can you do with Pi if you can’t withdraw it?

You are currently unable to use Pi or even transfer it. You are limited to mining it for nothing.

Similar to the early days of bitcoin, when users could theoretically mine thousands of bitcoins from their computers but were unable to do so.

Does that imply that mining Pi is pointless or useless and has no value at all?

It actually signifies the complete opposite. As a thank you or a token of appreciation, as well as to foster an active community and ensure that there is a sufficient supply of Pi in circulation, you are among the pioneers of the first couple of million users who signed up for Pi. As a result, you currently receive Pi for free.

Eventually, others won’t be able to obtain their coins for nothing. It is crucial that you take advantage of this chance and that you simply spend up to five seconds every day opening your Pi app and pressing the mining button in order to start mining. After 24 hours of mining, you will automatically receive one free Pi coin.

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When will the value of Pi be known?

Once Pi reaches phase three, it will be able to be traded on exchanges like crypto.com, Binance, and others, at which point Pi will have a genuine value.

How much will Pi be worth?

No one can yet provide a solution to this because so many diverse factors are involved. More Pi will be in circulation the longer the free mining lasts.

As a result, there will be a much larger supply, which will lower the value of each coin slightly.

Take bitcoin as an example. At first, it was almost worthless, but over time, it increased to the value of $1, $2, $10, $100, and $300. You would have received about 5000 bitcoins for free when it first started, and you would have regretted selling them when they first went on sale for $2–$5; the same is true of Pi. Bitcoin is currently valued at more than $10,000 per coin.

Due to supply and demand, as well as how individuals utilize Pi in their daily lives, Pi may not be worth $10,000. It is also not good if pioneers simply keep their Pi since no one wants to buy them.

Where are the markets and where can I trade my Pi for services?

With established 30 categories and more than 660 subcategories,

Pi ChainMall is a professional cross-border eCommerce website where you can essentially purchase and sell all assets while using Pi as a means of payment. You can purchase a car, a phone, clothing, etc.

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WATUGOT: This is a platform where retail businesses can compete by offering global discounts on products and deals.
Pi The BARTER MALL This is an online store with a Chinese base where you may sell different physical and digital commodities as well as buy things while using the PI coin.

NB: If you haven’t already, you should download the Pi browser. The Pi browser plays a significant role in the Pi network experience.

WORKFORCEPOOL: This is a marketplace where you can buy goods and services as well as freelancers. You can advertise your abilities on our website or make a service request.

These are some further markets:

biz pihub


Picoin table


The idea is to look for ways to utilize Pi on instant online sites that accept Pi as a payment mechanism and use it to buy necessities that actually serve a function in our life once Pi reaches phase three. Send Pi coins to pals instead of a traditional wire transfer so they can cash them out when you want to send them money.

When Pi reaches phase three, the longer you mine now and the more coins you earn, the more mining you will truly have.

Stop looking for ways to sell your Pi because it is against the law and is not supported at this point in the mainnet by the enclosed core team. This advice is for anyone who keeps asking how they can exchange their Pi for fiat currency.

Everyone will soon have access to apps and marketplaces where they may make purchases and payments with the Raspberry Pi.

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