how to convert YouTube video to mp4

how to convert YouTube video to mp4

how to convert YouTube video to mp4

welcome to Goldenloaded, ur best informational website,I will be discussing on how to convert YouTube video to mp4

let get started

The process of converting YouTube videos to mp4 is quite simple. You only need 4K Downloader and a computer with internet connection.

open 4K downloader, paste the link and click on ‘paste link’

Open 4K Downloader is a great program that can convert YouTube videos to MP4. You can download this program from here: You need to have a Google account in order for the program to work and if you don’t have one yet, it’s totally fine! Just create an account using your email address and password then paste the link into its box (the URL of your video). Click on ‘Paste Link’ when ready, enter your name or nickname (if applicable), select whether or not you want subtitles included in converted files and hit ‘Convert’.

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then choose format and quality, in this case mp4 and 1080p

Now that you’ve chosen the video, it’s time to select the format and quality. In this case we’re going to choose mp4 and 1080p because that’s what YouTube uses most often.

If your video is in any other format than MP4/H.264, then use VLC Media Player or QuickTime Player (but not Windows Media Player) to convert it into an MP4 file before uploading it on YouTube!

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click on download and the program will convert it to mp4

  • Click on “Download” and the program will convert it to mp4.
  • Once downloaded, you can watch or download your favorite videos from YouTube in any of these formats: MP3, AVI/DIVX/XVID etc., WMV, FLV(WebM), MKV(Matroska) and more.

use 4K downloader to convert YouTube videos to mp4.

4K downloader is a free program that can be used to convert YouTube videos to mp4. It’s easy to use and you don’t need any special technical knowledge or skills.

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4K downloader is a great tool to convert YouTube videos to mp4. It’s very easy to use and gives you many options for conversion including full HD 1080p and 4K videos. The program will also automatically detect your computer’s capabilities when converting so there are no worries about it not working on your system!

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