Lcredit Loan Code, App Download, Review & Customer Care

Lcredit Loan Code, App Download, Review & Customer Care

Lcredit Loan Code, App Download, Review & Customer Care

Lcredit is an online lending platform that offers loans to individuals and businesses. It has a wide variety of products, including personal loans and vehicle loans. The company was founded in 2014 by Arun Ahluwalia, who previously worked at ICICI Bank; his brother, Rajiv Ahluwalia, is the CEO of Lcredit.

Lcredit Loan Code, App Download, Review & Customer Care

Lcredit is a loan application app that allows you to apply for a loan from your phone, in minutes.

You can get up to $10,000 in minutes. The app has been designed with user experience and convenience at its core so you can complete your application without any hassle. If approved, all that remains is waiting for the money to be transferred into your bank account!

What is Lcredit App?

Lcredit is a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects lenders and borrowers. It’s an online platform that connects people who need money with people who have money to lend.

Lenders can give loans of up to $10,000 at interest rates as low as 2%. Borrowers can choose between two repayment options: interest-only or principal-and-interest (p&i).

Who is the owner of Lcredit

The CEO and Managing Director of Credit Direct Limited is Akinwande Ademosu. Akin is an Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria native. He has an MBA from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and a First Degree in Economics from Ogun State University. Additionally, he has an Executive MBA and a diploma from Harvard Business School’s General Management Program (GMP) in Boston (Trium eMBA – jointly issued by London School of Economics and Political Science, HEC Paris and NYU Stern, USA).

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Akin began his banking career more than 20 years ago with Equity Bank Limited, and throughout that time, he has achieved great success in the fields of finance and business management at each of the organizations where he has worked. He joined First City Monument Bank and oversaw the creation of Credit Direct Limited, the nation’s first structured non-bank consumer lending company, which began operations in 2007.

He began as the Chief Operating Officer of Credit Direct Limited before being promoted to Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (A member of FCMB Group Plc). Akinwande has won prestigious honors and recognition for his leadership abilities, volunteerism, and general tenacity. He was honored with the prestigious Harvard Business School Association of Nigeria (HBSAN) Leadership Award for General Management in 2018 as well as the BusinessDay Banking and Financial Institutions (BAFI) Awards’ Consumer Finance Company CEO of the Year. Akin is a Fellow of various professional organizations as well as the Deputy President of the Finance Houses Association of Nigeria (FHAN). He is the leader of the Daystar Benevolence Unit, a charitable organization sponsored by his local church. Through his IMPACT CIRCLE on life – faith, family, and business, he also mentors and coaches emerging entrepreneurs and leaders.

He graduated from Harvard Business School and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants as well as a member of the Board Composition & Roles of the Chartered Institute of Credit Risk Management of Nigeria and the Chartered Pension Institute of Nigeria.

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Does Lcredit call defaulted customer contact??

According to Ms. Gift, Lcredit only contacts clients’ contacts when they have either changed their phone number or declined to answer calls for loan repayment. “We solely contact our customers’ contacts to assist us remind them to pay off their obligations,” Ms. Gift stated.

Lcredit customer care service

LCredit Loan App Customer Care – Contact Number – Email and WhatsApp Number , If You Need To Get Connected with this Loan App , Get started with “L CREDIT LOAN APP” Below.

Name: LCredit Loan App
Phone Number: 0805 366 2111
Mailing Address: Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria

How to Apply  for Lcredit Loan

To apply for a loan, you will need to open the Lcredit app. Then, enter your personal details like name, address and contact numbers. Next, upload a photo of yourself or take a selfie with your phone’s camera and confirm it by hitting “OK” on screen.

Once done with these steps all you have to do is provide your banking details like IFSC code or MICR code along with PAN card number (if applicable). You can also choose between various loans like personal loan/car finance etc., which is based on your personal requirements as per each choice made by you in terms of interest rate etc., depending upon what type of vehicle being purchased or acquired via Lcredit Loan Code App download process

How to Repay your Lcredit Loan

  • How to make a payment:
  • Click on the “Pay Now” button. The Pay Now page will appear, where you can select your bank account and debit/credit card details. Once all of these are filled in, click on “Make Payment” button at the bottom of this page.
  • How to make a payment if you can’t pay online: If you don’t have access either through internet or any other means, call Lcredit on 08600500500 and speak with their customer care representatives who will guide you through making payments over phone as well as offering better advice about how best they can help with your situation
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Here are the details you need about Lcredit Loan

Lcredit Loan Code is an online lending platform that allows users to apply for loans by providing personal details and documents. The company provides a variety of services including auto loans, personal loans, home improvement loans, business finance etc., in order to meet the needs of all types of customers.

Lcredit Loan Code Review & Customer Care

The best thing about Lcredit Loan Code is its customer support system where they provide 24/7 assistance via phone or email so that you can get your question answered without having any issues at all. If you have any questions about your application or loan process then just call them up on their toll free number 1-800-215-8800 and let them know what’s going on with your account. They will then help resolve the issue as soon as possible so that there won’t be any complications later on down stream when it comes time for paying back installments!


Lcredit is a great app that offers you a chance to earn money by doing some paid surveys and watching videos. If you sign up for the app then you will be able to get $100 bonus. This bonus will be available for all customers who sign up between August and September 2018.

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