The Ultimate Money Formula for Your Business

The Ultimate Money Formula for Your Business


If you want to start a business, you should know that money is the key to making it all happen. And while there are many different kinds of businesses out there and lots of ways to make money, if you want to build an empire on top of your first venture, then this formula will help:

Money loves speed

Money is attracted to speed, and it will follow you wherever you go. Speed can be a competitive advantage in business because it allows you to get to the front of the line on all things, whether it’s time or space or opportunity. It’s important for your business model that money loves speed because if you want money working for your company, then having money flow through your system faster than anyone else’s will help make sure this happens!

Cash flow is the engine of any business.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. It’s what allows you to pay your bills on time, expand your business and keep it operating at peak performance.Cash flow is the difference between profit and loss for every month—it’s what makes or breaks a small business owner’s ability to remain profitable over time. If you don’t have cash coming in, then there won’t be much left over at the end of each month (and if there isn’t enough money left over after paying basic expenses like rent or utilities, then there won’t be enough left over even if all of those other bills were paid).It’s also important because cash flow enables us as entrepreneurs to grow our businesses into something bigger than ourselves by paying off loans or taking out new loans when necessary (which will increase our net worth).

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Deliver value.

The best way to get paid is by delivering value.Don’t be afraid to ask for money. It’s not a question of whether or not you deserve it, but rather how much value can your business offer the people who give you money? If someone wants something from you, they’re going to pay more than what it’s worth—and if they don’t believe in what you do, then why would they pay for it? There are many ways that businesses survive without charging any money at all: doing free work as part of their marketing strategy; offering services at no cost (like cleaning or delivery); just being a good neighbor by offering their services without charge out of kindness and compassion toward those who need them most…the list goes on! But there are also some things which require payment: building websites; hosting websites; printing brochures/postcards/flyers etc.; paying employees’ salaries etc., so make sure everything adds up before asking anyone else if this will work financially before taking action.

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“Focus on sales.

Your business is a sales machine. You can’t afford to ignore this fact, because it will only get you into trouble.If you want to make money, focus on selling as much as possible. This means focusing on revenue and cash flow—not just profits (which are nice but not necessary). It’s also important that your customers are happy with their purchases and satisfied with your service or product quality.

Focus on speed:

If there’s one thing that people really don’t like about buying something online or over the phone (or in person), it’s waiting! So if you’re going after new customers through advertising campaigns or marketing strategies like social media outreach, make sure everything happens fast so they have time to decide whether or not they want what was advertised before losing interest due to slow responses from sales representatives who take too long answering questions about products/services being sold by companies such as yours.

“Position yourself to receive a lot of money.

The first step to creating a money formula for your business is to position yourself to receive a lot of money.This means that you need to have a clear plan in place that will help you achieve your goals and make sure that everything is lined up properly so that when it comes time for the big payout, all the pieces fall into place perfectly.

Ask for way more than you think you will get.

Asking for what you want is a great way to start a negotiation. You will find that asking for more than you think you deserve, more than you think your business can get and even more than the other person thinks they are willing to give (or pay) is an excellent way of getting what you want—and often times, it’s even better than expected!If someone says yes too quickly then ask them why. There may be something else going on in their head that has nothing to do with money or costs but could still be worth exploring further with the right questions.

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Make sure you are focused on revenue from day one.

It’s important to remember that the only thing that matters is getting your end result:revenue.You need to focus on what you want, not how you will get it. You need to know why you want this outcome and how it will help your business grow, rather than worrying about how much money or time it will take for them to happen.The only thing that matters is getting there—no matter what happens along the way!


If you’re still reading this and thinking, “Are you kidding?” then let me be clear: I am not kidding. All of this advice is sound, useful and will quickly help your business grow. But even more importantly than that, it will get you out of debt faster than anything else I know of—and it can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

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