Finding Work on a Travel Show

Finding Work on a Travel Show

If you have a passion for travel, and maybe even some journalism or reporting experience, it may be time to look into getting a job on a travel show. Travel shows are a great way to get your name out there and get your dream job as an interviewer or producer. One thing that is important when looking into working for these shows is making sure that you have strong qualifications already before applying. Here are some tips on how I got my first big interview:

Have a strong background in travel

If you have a strong background in travel, it will be much easier to get a job as a travel host. Travel shows are always looking for people who love to travel, so don’t worry if your skills aren’t perfect yet. Just make sure that you have done some research on the topic and have some experience working with different types of people. You can find out more about this by reading our article “How Do I Become A Travel Show Host?”

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Have a strong background in journalism/reporting

Journalism is a great way to get into the travel industry. It’s also a good way to learn how to tell stories, write and research. If you want to be on a travel show, it will help if you have strong reporting experience because they need people who know their stuff—the more experience with reporting and journalism, the better!

Have dream travel locations and possible stories

The next step is to have a dream travel location and possible stories. You should think about the type of story you would like to report on, who you would like to interview and what kind of people you’d like to meet. Then, think about where this place is located. If it’s in the United States or another country that has an embassy or consulate office, then they can help find places where there are opportunities for employment as a travel show reporter!

For example: if I wanted to work on a travel show in New York City (or any city), then I could visit places such as Central Park or Times Square where tourists come from all over America; however if someone wants more information about living abroad while working abroad then I may want them send me articles written by other journalists who have visited those same locations during their time off from work so that we both know what kind of things should be covered when reporting on these topics together.”

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Do your research on the show you want to work for

The first step to getting a job on a travel show is doing your research. You can find out what the show is about, who works on it, and what their stories are about by reading the show’s website or Facebook page. You should also look at where they’ve been and see if there are any other shows that would be similar to yours in terms of subject matter or format. You can even go straight to the source and ask! Many producers will be happy to tell you all about what they’re looking for when submitting applications.

You may also want to look through past episodes of specific shows (for example: “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette”) which gives you an idea of how each season goes down before applying yourself because this will help narrow down exactly what kind of person fits best with each host’s personality type.”

If you do not already have existing contacts, send cold emails to people that work for the show

If you do not already have existing contacts, send cold emails to people that work for the show. In order to get an interview, you will need an official-looking email address and signature.

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If your name is not on any of their contact lists yet, they may be more likely to respond if they know who sent them an email (i.e., if it’s from someone at a travel show). They may also be more likely to reply if they know what kind of job you’re looking for; this can help narrow down candidates as well!

Make yourself memorable by being unique and insightful (try to be the first one to send the contact an amazing story idea)

  • Be unique and insightful.
  • The first person to send a contact an amazing story idea will be remembered for that alone.

Be unique, cliche but true

  • Be unique, cliche but true.
  • Don’t be like everyone else.
  • Be memorable, don’t be afraid to take risks.


Travel shows are a great way to get your foot in the door at some of the top TV networks. The process is easy, but it does require some research and networking skills. If you want to work as a producer or reporter, then I would recommend finding out who handles hiring on your show before sending an email asking if they need new people! Also be sure not to send any generic emails because they will probably get ignored by most people that work at these companies.

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