What is the highest paying job for traveling

What is the highest paying job for traveling

The best job for traveling is an accountant. They work in the office and travel frequently, so they’re always on the move. Accountants are also required to pay taxes and handle budgets, which means they spend a lot of time traveling. If you want to start making money while you travel by working as an accountant, read our guide below!


Accountants are always in high demand, and this is the reason why. They can work remotely, so you won’t have to worry about commuting or finding parking. And if your job involves numbers crunching and writing reports—that’s a plus!

Accountants get paid well for their services. In fact, it’s possible for them to earn more than $100k per year with just one client who wants an accountant on retainer (which means they have regular meetings with the accountant). Plus, accountants often travel all around the world on business trips or vacation adventures.


The job of pilot is one of the most sought-after careers in the world. Pilots can travel all over the world, earning a lot of money and experiencing different cultures. They also have to be licensed by the FAA, which means that if you want to become a pilot, it’s very important for you to pass training and meet certain requirements before taking any tests or exams related to flying an airplane.

To become a licensed commercial pilot (LPC), candidates must complete 1,500 hours of flight time as well as 500 hours in simulator training at an approved facility; they must also pass written examinations and practical tests on their knowledge of aviation regulations and equipment operation procedures prior to receiving certification from their local flight school where they were trained on how everything works during takeoffs/landings etc..


Construction worker

Construction workers are a great option for those who want to travel for work. They often travel to new job sites, cities, and countries in order to complete their jobs. This can be an exciting way to experience a new city while earning a living as well!

Construction workers also get training on new equipment before they begin working on projects. If this sounds like something you might enjoy doing, then consider becoming a construction worker!

Air Traffic Controller

The highest paying job for traveling is air traffic controller. Air traffic controllers are responsible for the safe and efficient movement of aircraft in and out of airports, as well as guiding them on their flights. They work directly with pilots and other flight crews to help ensure a smooth flight experience for passengers.

Air Traffic Controllers earn an average annual salary of $115,000 per year, but this could go as high as $130K depending on your level of experience and how long you’ve been working in the field. To become an air traffic controller, you need to have at least 2 years of college credits or technical training (such as military training).

Once hired by an airline company or another organization that needs help controlling airspace above land masses like oceans or continents then there are several steps necessary before being able to actually get started:

Logistics Manager

You may be wondering: What is the highest paying job for traveling? If so, read on.

A logistics manager is responsible for managing the flow of goods and services in a company or organization. They’re typically required to travel frequently and often have their hands full with managing multiple offices across different countries. The job requires an advanced degree in business administration (MBA) as well as experience working in logistics management roles before moving into management positions within an organization—and after that, it doesn’t stop there! Logistics managers will also likely have some knowledge of finance and accounting due to their duties involving financial reporting requirements related to inventory levels at different locations around the world—all while trying not get lost on their way home from work because they didn’t make sure their phone had enough battery life left before leaving this morning’s meeting offsite.”

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Jobs that pay well and involve travel

The highest paying job for traveling is an accountant. If you have good math skills, you can become an accountant and make a nice living. You will need to have your CPA license before applying for any jobs in this field, but once you do, it’s easy to get hired as an accountant for companies that need financial help with their businesses.

The next highest paying job for traveling is piloting airplanes or helicopters (or both). Pilots fly around the world and they are paid well because they are responsible for transporting people safely from point A to point B while also ensuring their comfort throughout the trip!


A traveling job, especially one that doesn’t require you to be at a specific location all the time, can be a great way to earn money while traveling. It’s something that many people do as a career choice and we’ve listed some of the best jobs for travelers in this article.

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If you’re interested in earning an income while traveling or just want something different from your old 9-to-5 life then these six jobs could be right up your alley:

  • Tourism Guide – In this position you get paid per tour booked or sold, which means that as long as there isn’t competition over customers there will always be work available!  This job is ideal if you want flexibility and can travel where ever they need help with marketing campaigns or events which makes it possible for someone who wants employment without much training involved since most guides only need one month of training before fulltime work begins…or even shorter depending on whether they already have experience working elsewhere locally like NYC where volunteers typically work 4 days each week plus weekend shifts during busy periods such as holidays when tourism rates are usually higher due more demand from visitors coming into town than usual because everyone needs something shiny lookin’ anyway 🙂

2 . Tour Guide – Traveling around the world looking for new places for tourists?  Sounds fun!  What better way than telling them about it?  Having worked abroad myself I know how hard it can sometimes be finding places where english speakers are not present so having someone else do their research would certainly help reduce stress levels 😉 You could also offer English speaking services such as translation services between locals and travelers alike too!) 3 . Food & Beverage Server – These positions generally fall under the hospitality industry category but they include anything related to food service at all levels ranging from waiters/waitresses on up through managers responsible for overseeing other employees assigned various tasks within their areas

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