bank of america jobs teller

bank of america jobs teller

If you’re looking for a job as a teller with Bank of America, this site is for you. We’ll show you how to find the best positions in your area and help you make sure that they’re the right fit for your skills and experience.

Teller (18)

Customer Service Representative I, Float

Financial Center Assistant Manager-4th Street Financial Center-Raleigh-NC

Teller (Part-time) – Charlotte, NC Area Floater – Spanish/BiLingual Preferred

Client Service Representative I, Float

  • Description of the job:

The Client Service Representative I, Float is responsible for providing personalized service to customers through the use of a variety of communication channels.

  • Accountabilities:
  • Responsibilities include making sure that customers are satisfied with their interactions with Bank of America and providing information about products and services available. This includes answering questions about products, checking account balances, documenting transactions in an electronic banking system (EBS), conducting home visits when necessary or scheduling appointments on behalf of clients as needed by management staff members at any location where they may be encountered during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 8am-5pm). You’ll also assist other employees within your department when needed by completing administrative duties such as filing documents into cabinets or maintaining records such as memos & correspondence folders; organizing files based upon departmental needs; organizing materials for meetings/events etc., keeping up-to-date with technology trends related specifically related specifically only within said department(ies).”

Financial Center Assistant Manager-4th Street Financial Center-Raleigh-NC

You’re a financial center assistant manager. Are you ready to join the ranks of Bank of America?

If so, we have some exciting news for you: We’re looking for new talent to manage our 4th Street Financial Center in Raleigh, NC. Our team members are committed to providing outstanding service and helping customers make the most of their money by providing them with access to quality financial products and services that meet their needs.

The Financial Center Assistant Manager will be responsible for managing operations within the center including overseeing finance activities related to retail banking products such as checking accounts or credit cards; investing on behalf of clients through mutual funds or brokerage accounts; processing bill payments; handling deposits/balances inquiries from clients; processing cashier’s checks (using automated teller machines only); performing account maintenance duties such as reconciling entries at close time periods between day-to-day ledger entries made by branch staffs during working hours only when necessary due diligence required prior approval process every time before making any changes

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Client Service Representative II, Float

As a Client Service Representative II, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Serving our customers by providing them with the best customer service experience possible.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude and working with the highest standards of professionalism.

Teller (Part-time) – Charlotte, NC Area Floater – Spanish/BiLingual Preferred

Teller (Part-Time) – Charlotte, NC Area Floater – Spanish/BiLingual Preferred

The teller role is an entry level position that requires only a high school diploma or GED. As a teller, you will be responsible for processing deposits and withdrawals, answering customer questions about bank products and services, performing cashier functions within the branch office environment as well as providing excellent customer service when needed. You must have excellent communication skills in both English & Spanish so that you can interact with our customers on their level by speaking with them directly or through translators if necessary.

  • Location: Charlotte, NC area working at branches located in Matthews & Gastonia
  • Hours: Full-time hours Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm (or later based on business needs)
  • Requirements: Must have at least one year of experience working as a cashier (not required); must have good verbal communication skills; must be able to work independently without other help from management; ability to multitask while keeping track of multiple tasks at once; ability not afraid of people being upset by mistakes made during interactions between customers & employees

Part Time Teller (ICW) – Denver, NC

Are you interested in a part time teller job? Do you have previous experience as a teller and would like to join the team at Bank of America? Then this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

The full time teller position is responsible for providing customer service at all times, including weekends, evenings and holidays. You will also assist with maintaining safe working conditions and following all company policies.

Bank Teller at Wake Forest Branch

A teller is a person who works at a bank and accepts deposits, transfers money between accounts and issues checks. Teller jobs are typically available in banks’ branches or offices, but they can also be found at ATMs or online.

In addition to having good communication skills, being able to multitask will come in handy when you’re working as a teller. You’ll need to handle multiple tasks at once while maintaining eye contact with customers throughout the transaction process.

You’ll also need excellent customer service skills so that when customers have questions about their accounts or need help making purchases online through our mobile app (which requires us), they know how best to reach out.”

Bank Teller at Rogers Rd. Branch

  • Location: Rogers Rd. Branch
  • Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., with some Saturdays available (call ahead though)
  • Skills Required: You must be able to communicate in English and Spanish fluently, as well as being familiar with banking terminology and procedures at this branch location. This job requires excellent customer service skills, attention to detail and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment while maintaining composure under pressure – all while maintaining a smile on your face! If you don’t have these qualifications but think that they could be acquired through training or experience before applying at this bank then please feel free contact us directly at [phone number]
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Bank Teller at Beatties Ford Rd. Branch

Beatties Ford Rd. Branch

Location: Beatties Ford Rd., Charlotte, NC 28227

Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Friday 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Closed Sunday and Holidays

Financial Center Assistant Manager-Lake Towne-Durham-NC

The Financial Center Assistant Manager is responsible for providing support to the Bank’s customer service representatives and other Financial Center personnel. The position will be based in Durham, NC.

The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills; possess an upbeat attitude; have excellent customer service skills; have proficiency with Microsoft Office products including Outlook, Excel and Word; be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with multiple tasks at once; have strong organizational skills as well as attention to detail when performing his/her duties (including maintaining accurate records).

Client Associate (FP) – Tampa, FL – 30 hrs/wk

The Client Associate (FP) is a member of the Financial Planning team. You will be responsible for assisting customers with their financial goals by providing advice on portfolio management, insurance purchasing and risk management services.

You will play an integral role in supporting the delivery of client experiences by ensuring that all customers are provided with exceptional service experience at every interaction. You will also help our clients understand how they can make their own contributions to achieve their financial goals through education, recommendations and referrals. Additionally, you will assist in maintaining effective client relationships by communicating effectively with internal stakeholders such as salespeople and managers through phone calls or email messages when necessary.

Teller 20 Hours (Kenwood) Cincinnati, OH

  • Teller 20 Hours (Kenwood) Cincinnati, OH
  • Job Title: Teller
  • Location: Kenwood, OH
  • Hours Per Week: 20 hours per week (plus 40% over time)
  • Pay Rate: $15.00 – $17.00 per hour after one year

Part Time Teller (ICW) – Gastonia, NC

Part Time Teller (ICW) – Gastonia, NC

This position is located in the Gastonia, North Carolina area and requires a high school degree or equivalent. You will be responsible for handling cash transactions, processing checks and money orders, making deposits and withdrawals from bank machines by using an ATM card. This job has flexible hours including evenings/weekends but is expected to work Monday through Friday 8:30am-5pm with some Saturdays required as well as Sundays off per month if needed during your scheduled shifts at the bank.

Personal Banker Universal I, Balboa Mesa Shopping Center, San Diego Metro Area, CA

The Personal Banker Universal I is a great way to make money and get started in the banking industry. You will be able to make up to $18 an hour as a teller at this branch location, which is located in Balboa Mesa Shopping Center. If you’re interested in working for Bank of America, please check out our other listings below!

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Title Clerk/Cashier

Title clerks are responsible for processing titles and registrations. They can verify the accuracy of documents, make sure that all required information is provided and then file those documents with the appropriate court or agency.

Title clerks work in a variety of settings including banks, automobile dealerships and rental car agencies. The job requires knowledge of business law as well as computer skills such as word processing or spreadsheet programs. Some title clerks may also be required to have some experience working with computers before being hired into this position at an employer’s location where they will be providing clerical support services related to vehicle titling/registration processes such as:

  • Handling customer inquiries concerning transferring ownership of vehicles between owners (e.,g., selling one car while buying another)
  • Processing requests from customers wishing to transfer their license plates when moving their residence across state lines
  • Performing checks on current registrations information before issuing new ones

Use this site to find a teller job with Bank of America

Bank of America is a great place to work and earn money. You can find a bank teller job here.

Bank of America careers are available in many different areas of the company. If you’re interested in working at one of these locations, check out our website for more information about what it’s like to work there!

To apply for a teller position at Bank Of America, click here


Bank of America may be one of the most well-known financial institutions in the United States, but they are also a company that continues to expand and grow. If you’re looking for an opportunity with this company, look no further than their teller jobs. This position has been a part of their history since 1970 when they first opened up branch locations nationwide!

As we mentioned before, Bank of America focuses heavily on customer service and ensuring that each person who walks through their doors feels welcomed and cared for by their employees. As you can see from our list above, there are many different areas where this could apply including cashier positions as well as customer service representatives in charge of opening up new accounts or helping customers move funds around between accounts. These positions offer flexibility so you can work whenever suits your schedule best!

If these jobs sound interesting then head over to our website where we have listings for various locations across the country all listed on one page so it’s easy for you find something close enough to home if needed! Those interested should also check out other articles about careers at Bank Of America or ask us any questions about starting a career at BofA by emailing us today:

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