how much money should you spend on a wedding ring

how much money should you spend on a wedding ring


I get it. It’s an emotional time in your life, and you want to make sure that your partner feels the same way about you. And it’s important to do this before the wedding, because we all know that weddings don’t last forever (and if they do then there will be a lot of money left over). So how much should you spend on a wedding ring? The answer is…it depends.


Don’t feel bad if you don’t have enough money right now! It’s not easy to come up with hundreds or even thousands of dollars for something like this, but there are ways to save money and still have a great time doing so.

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Average Cost of Wedding Rings

The average cost of a wedding ring is $5,500. This figure includes the most popular metals, including platinum and gold. Platinum rings are typically more expensive than other metals because they’re more durable and harder to scratch or damage in any way.

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The average cost of a wedding ring is $3,500. The price range for this type of ring varies greatly depending on what type of diamond you choose as well as whether or not you want it custom-made by an artisan jeweler from around the world (which will cost much more).

The average cost of a wedding band varies widely depending on where you live and how much time your spouse has spent searching for one that would suit him/her best; however there are some basic guidelines that can help determine whether purchasing one from an online retailer will save money over buying locally through retailers like Macy’s Department Store or even Etsy!

It’s important when looking into different retailers’ prices because many offer discounts when purchasing multiple items together at once so make sure not only does each item need its own listing but also check out all offers available within each store before making any purchases at all.”

How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring?

The answer to this question is entirely up to you. You may be able to afford a $10,000 ring or you might want to spend as little as $2,000. The average wedding ring budget is around $3,000.

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If you do decide on spending more than that amount of money on your wedding band, there are some things that will make it worth the extra expense: quality materials and craftsmanship; a style that fits with your personal taste; or something unique like diamonds or other stones (like sapphires).

Are Expensive Wedding Rings Worth It?

  • It depends on the person. Some people like to save money, others like to spend it. A lot of people have no idea how much a wedding ring costs, which can make it hard for them to know whether or not it’s worth the money they spent on their rings.
  • You can find a great deal on a wedding ring if you know where to look. There are plenty of websites that offer great deals on rings and other jewelry items; just Google “wedding ring prices” before making your purchase!

Should You Only Save Money for Your Wedding Ring?

If you’re like most people, your wedding ring is likely one of the first things that comes to mind when you think about how much money should go into saving for your life. After all, it’s an important part of who you are and what makes up who you are as a person. However, there are other areas where saving can be even more beneficial than just buying something physical—like retirement investments or funding a honeymoon trip.

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Couples can choose to spend whatever amount makes sense for them and their budgets, but 3 months is commonly agreed to be a good amount.

Couples can choose to spend whatever amount makes sense for them and their budgets, but 3 months is commonly agreed to be a good amount.

When you’re saving for your wedding ring, you should also consider the following:

  • The cost of the ring itself (we recommend shopping around at local jewelers). You don’t want to buy something that you won’t like later on when it comes time to wear it every day!
  • Other costs associated with planning an event like flowers and catering (a lot of these will depend on how many guests are coming).


Knowing how much to spend on your wedding ring is an important part of planning your big day. You can always get a cheaper one later if you want, but there’s nothing worse than finding out that you need to save up because it wasn’t something that fit within your budget at first!

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