5 hidden health benefits of Pap (Akamu)

Nigerians eat pap for breakfast, and it’s a very popular dish. When newly cooked, it is manufactured from maize and has a sour taste.

Plantain, Akara (bean cake), pancakes, fried yam, kpa, and other foods can be eaten with pap.

People who get Pap may not realize how beneficial it is to their health.

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The fact that pap is not subjected to chemical or industrial procedures is one of the factors that makes it a nutritious diet. Pap is also simple to make.

1. It is simple to digest

Unlike other types of meals, pap is particularly easy to digest. It’s good for people in convalescence who are healing from illness. One of the easiest things to digest is pap.

2. It’s low in sodium.

Excess sodium raises blood pressure by retaining excess fluid in the body. Excess sodium also raises the risk of stroke and kidney disease. However, because pap has a low salt level, it is advantageous to them.

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3. Fiber content is high.

Pap contains a lot of fiber. It makes you feel fuller for longer periods of time, preventing you from overeating and minimizing your risk of obesity.

4. Improves the health of the kidneys

The fluid quality of pap can help you stay hydrated, allowing you to easily g harmful things from your body. Because pollutants and waste can harm the kidneys if they pile up in the body.

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