5 Ways To Prevent Pregnancy Without Using Condoms Or Contraceptive Pills

Pregnancy are often a factor of joy for several individuals, however it can even be unwanted for others. physiological state bar and management is extremely vital as a result of it helps in kid spacing.

One of the foremost well-liked ways in which individuals forestall physiological state is by employing a birth control device or contraceptive pills, however these don’t seem to be 100 percent economical in most cases and contraceptive pills may go along with heaps of facet effects.
According to medical news nowadays, there square measure alternative ways in which to stop physiological state and a few of them are:

1. Cervical cups or female diaphragms

These are devices which require to be inserted into the feminine sex organ. they’re cup formed device which might either be shallow or deep. {they square measure|they’re} typically crammed up with prophylactic device gel that inactives the sperms once they are inserted into the feminine organ.

This is typically inserted before intimacy happens. this can be non secretion, it simply acts as a barrier that prevents gamete cells from fertilizing the woman’s ovum by creating them inactive, thereby preventing physiological state.

2. Female contraceptive sponge.

This is a soft disc formed sponge that additionally contains prophylactic device gel, similar to the cervical cup. It additionally should be inserted into the feminine organ before intimacy and it ought to solely be removed concerning half-dozen hours once intimacy has occurred.

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3. Copper T

This is a tiny low T-shaped device that should be inserted into the uterus by a doctor. This device is termed copper T as a result of it contains copper and it’s a T-shape. The copper gift in it’s as contraceptive result, that makes it appropriate for preventing physiological state over an extended time. Copper T will keep within the uterus for concerning three – five years, looking on however long you would like to delay your physiological state.

4. Injections or shots.

These injections square measure given into the muscle once in 3 months. they’re one in all the foremost effective strategies of family planning however it will cause irregular cycles and a bit little bit of weight gain. Once you discontinue the injection, it will take concerning eight – nine months to urge pregnant once more.

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5. Secretion contraceptive ring.

This ring may be a synthetic rubber band that should be inserted within the feminine sex organ to prevent pregnancy

It is vital to notice that before selecting any of those strategies, you must consult a medical specialist or a fertility knowledgeable to take care of the one that’s best for your body.

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