A Step-By-Step Guide: How to Delete A Pinterest Account in 2024

Not withstanding the pressure? Are you tired of making use of Pinterest and decided to Close your Pinterest account? Tired of sharing images, files? And social networking? Then let’s see how we can get you on a quick guide to delete your account quickly on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a popular American image sharing and social media service made to enable saving and discovering of information such as style, recipes, home , motivation, inspiration and many others by using images and a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos, in the form of pinboards. However there are many reasons one would wish to delete and cancel their account forever without thinking of getting it back. And this reasons varies from persons to persons, if you are looking to delete your account then the reason below might be why you wish to delete your account.

This are issues of concerns of email spamming, loss interest, not interested in using the platform anymore. And other concerns of deleting and cancelling your account. There are many ways to do so by cancelling your account either by unsubscribing from the said platform or making the mail as spam. But this wouldn’t allow you to delete your account permanently. However if you wish to delete your account permanently, then we will show you how to easily delete and cancel your account.

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How to Delete a Pinterest Account on a Computer

Below is how to delete your account on Pinterest in few minutes, so if you are looking to delete your data or deactivate your account, whichever way, let guide you on how to delete your Pinterest account with your computer devices.

Below is how to delete a Pinterest Account on a Computer:

  • First, connect your device to the internet and make sure your device is well connected.
    Then Login to Pinterest from any of your preferred browsers. Would recommend chrome, and visit the Pinterest website.
  • Now login to your Pinterest account with your account details such as (Email, Username and Password)
  • You are to locate the settings: Click on the arrow within the top right corner of your screen that is next to your profile, then access the drop-down menu.



  • Now select “Settings” from the options made available


  • When you are on the Settings, choose “Account Management”.


  • Within the account section, click on the (“Deactivate Account ” or “Delete Account” within the bottom of the page)

Account Confirmation


  • Whenever you are looking to deactivate your account or delete your account, Pinterest will notify you to confirm that you want to deactivate the account. Then click “Continue”.
  • Meanwhile if you wish to delete your account, Pinterest will provide information about account permanent deletion. To make sure this is what you want.
  • Now select the reason for leaving Pinterest from the provided options
  • Then confirm your choice by providing your password on the space made. Now click on the “Deactivate/delete your Pinterest account.

The process above is how to delete your Pinterest account.

NB: Know that’s process of deleting accounts might varies because of Pinterest dashboard and by users. On the other hands the process above is the exact steps to delete your Pinterest from a computer devices. Also before going ahead to delete your account, make sure you won’t be needing the account again, but since you are here, we believe you have already decided.

How to Delete a Pinterest Account on Mobile

Incase you don’t have a computer and they only thing you have is your mobile, then you can go ahead and follow this steps below to be able to easily and permanently delete your account. So let guide you in the process of deleting your account on Pinterest platforms.

Below is a guidelines to delete your Pinterest account on mobile, kindly follow through:

  • While your phone internet is connected to internet, open the Pinterest App
  • Now login to your Account
  • Enter your account information (Email/Username and Password) to login to your Pinterest account)
  • Get to access your profile Settings
  • Locate the profile icon beneath the top right corner of the screen to gain access to your profile
  • Now open Account settings
  • Locate the settings gear icon. “This might changes based on app versions and devices” around your profile page
  • Then select an “Account Settings “.
  • Now navigate through the settings options to see “Account Management”.

Deactivation and Deletion

  • Locate and click on the “Deactivate Account ” or “Delete Account” in the account settings, you can decide on which to do, either click on the deactivate account or delete account.

Account Deletion and Deactivation Confirmation

  • So far you have decided to delete or deactivate your account, Pinterest will ask for your permission and confirmation to delete your account. Pinterest will inform you about the the closure of account and outcome of doing so.
  • Now choose a reason for leaving Pinterest from the options made available
  • Confirm your decision by providing your password and any other information needed by Pinterest
  • Once done. Click on the “Delete or deactivation” option to finally cancel and close your account with Pinterest. The process above is how to delete and deactivate your account on Pinterest.

What happens when i Delete my Pinterest account?

If you have made a decision to deactivate your Pinterest account and eventually you have gone through in doing so, does it cross your mind of what would become of your account when you delete it? Here why and what happens.

Whenever you delete your Pinterest account, your personal data will be permanently wiped out. Your programs boards will be removed from Pinterest and won’t be possible to recover them. When you delete your account, your public profile is immediately deactivated and your account is permanently deleted within 14 days.

How to Recover a Deleted Pinterest Account

When you delete your account, Pinterest will make your public information will be deactivated and your account is permanently deleted within 14days. If Incase you changed your mind before 14days, you can login back with your email and password and Pinterest will send you a link to reactivate your account

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to reactivate Pinterest account?

If you are looking to reactivate your Pinterest account, Pinterest gives maximum of 14days for account recovery, meanwhile to reactivate your account and reinstate your account on Pinterest, it takes approximately 7-10days duration.

Why did Pinterest delete my account?

Your account maybe suspended for a single or more violation of Pinterest community guidelines or issues of concerned, Pinner safety (for instance hateful speech, pornography, graphic imagery, and misinformation) account security issues or imposing as someone.

How do I create a new Pinterest account with the same email?

Each email address can only be linked to one Pinterest account at a time. If the account you are logging into with your email address isn’t the one you want to access, then try to login with another email address that’s is your own.

Why isn’t my Pinterest account showing up?

Be sure that’s you put your name correctly on the search bar, then try to navigate to your profile, you will be able to see your name. Meanwhile it’s okay to keep in mind that’s most searches on Pinterest are unbranded. Meaning, Pinners are looking for a specific account or probably looking for ideas, products, inspiration and others.

What happens to inactive Pinterest accounts?

Based on Pinterest Policy, if an account remains inactive for some period of time, Pinterest may delete it for security purposes. The timeframe for account inactive isn’t specified by Pinterest. But generally it’s known to be exactly 2years.

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The above steps if how to delete your account on Pinterest. You apply same method for both personal and business accounts. Our advice here is to remember to get all your important boards and pins from your account and save them somewhere incase you might need them next time for future references.

You might have a good reasons for deleting your account from Pinterest, and employ that’s you use the steps above to do so. Also note that’s Pinterest will be able to delete your personal information after deactivation, meaning that they will delete all personal data after 14days of the deactivation and deletions.

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