Banana Republic Credit Card Login: Payment, Activation, Customer Service

If you shop at Banana Republic frequently, you need to have a Banana Republic Credit Card. Additionally, you may use this card at Hill City, Old Navy, and Athleta, among other Gap Inc. brands.

With this credit card, which Synchrony Bank provides, you may shop at Banana Republic, save money, and earn rewards. It requires a respectable credit score and has an easy application process. Furthermore, with no yearly charge and other unique benefits, getting it is an easy decision.

Continue reading to find out how to login to Banana Republic credit card login, maintain your account, make purchases, and accrue points.

Benefits of the Banana Republic Cards

  • Discount on first purchase: Get 20% off your first purchase at Banana Republic within 14 days after registering a new account.
  • Get points at brands owned by Gap Inc. Get 1X points for every dollar spent on other Mastercard purchases and 5X points for every dollar spent within the family of brands. Among the brands are Athleta, Old Navy, and Gap.
  • Earn points in other places. You will receive one point for every dollar you spend on brands other than Gap Inc.
  • Status at the Instant Enthusiast level: As an Enthusiast, you’ll receive an instant promotion to the middle-tier Banana Republic elite level, giving you access to unique deals ahead of time, as well as 250 additional points per quarter when you purchase Gap Inc. You can reach the highest Icon status level by accumulating 5,000 card member points. You can get free changes on Banana
  • Republic goods, 500 additional points per quarter when you purchase Gap Inc., and 15% off on
  • Create Your Sale Days as an Icon member.
  • Bonus for a family of brands: You can receive up to 2,000 bonus points when you purchase at two or more Gap Inc. brands. Purchasing from two brands earns you 500 points; buying from three brands earns you 1,000 points; and shopping from all four brands earns you an impressive 2,000 points.
  • Enjoy additional benefits on your birthday as a birthday gift.
  • Fraud liability protection: With $0 fraud liability protection, you can shop with confidence.
  • Design Your Sale Day: Every year, select your sale day to receive 15% off any Gap Inc. brand purchases.
  • For those who frequently purchase Gap Inc. items, the Banana Republic Rewards Mastercard®* is a good choice, but it’s not for everyone.
  • A different card will be better if you value additional bonus categories, greater spending flexibility with your rewards, or receiving rewards for regular purchases.

Banana Republic credit card login Guide

  • You can control your Banana Republic Rewards Credit Card by accessing your Barclays Bank online account. Follow these instructions to access your account.
  • Go to https://servicing/
  • Enter your password and username here.
  • Click Log in after checking the “Remember username” box.
  • You may now handle payments and incentives on your Banana Republic account.

How To Sign Up Online

  • To monitor and manage your account, you must set up online access. To set up the internet access, adhere to the directions below.
  • Use your browser to go to
  • Select “Configure Internet Access.”
  • To verify your identification, enter the last four digits of your account number, social security number, and current job title. Click Continue now.
  • Please select your username and password for login.
  • To finish registering, adhere to the on-screen instructions.

I forgot my user ID or password: What’s next?

  • To retrieve your username and change your password, refer to this guide.
  • Navigate to the Banana Republic online account login page.
  • Select “Forget password or username.”
  • To confirm your identification, enter your date of birth, account number, and the last four digits of your social security number. Press the “Continue” button.
  • Now, reset your password and restore your username by following the instructions.

Services for Banana Republic Credit Cards

You are eligible for several advantages and services as a Banana Republic credit cardholder. These include exclusive discounts and offers, online account management, and more.
All you have to do to utilize these services is sign in to your account. You may check your account balance, make payments, see transaction history, and more from then on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use my credit card from Banana Republic?

Credit card holders of Banana Republic may use their cards at any Gap Inc. location, including Athleta, Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic. Additionally, cardholders may use their cards at,,, and Visit for a complete list of Gap Inc. brands.

Can I pay with my credit card right away after using it?

Sure, you can settle your credit card debt the same day you use it. But there can be a cost involved in doing so. To find out whether there are any costs involved with same-day payments, contact your credit card issuer.

Using your credit card’s online bill pay feature is the best option if you need to make a same-day payment. This will enable you to pay instantly and without incurring any costs.

Does a return impact your credit score?

Returning an item can sometimes have an impact on your credit. On the other hand, returning an item with a valid explanation may help your credit score.

Returning goods regularly may indicate that you need to handle your money better, making obtaining a credit card or loan more challenging. Therefore, if you need to return an item, ensure you have a good cause and save your receipts so you can provide them as evidence if required.


Although the Banana Republic benefits Credit Card has a high annual percentage rate (APR) of 27.49%, it provides consumers substantial benefits. The Banana Republic Rewards Credit Card is the best option if you can pay your account on time every month and frequently buy the brand’s renowned clothing. Otherwise, the card could be more helpful if you maintain a balance in your account.

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