Bella BBN Biography: Career, Lifesytle, Age, Family, Cars

After appearing on season 7 of the reality series Big Brother Naija, Bella became well-known in July 2022. She is a famous social media influencer and has collaborated with several companies, including Pretty Little Thing, Sodah London, and Ore’s World.

According to BBNaija Bella’s description, she enjoys swimming, traveling, taking pictures, and forming new relationships. Because she enjoys winning, she describes herself as “a no-nonsense person who gets pissed off easily” and is very competitive. You will learn about BBNaija Bella’s biography, personal life, relationships, and other details in this post.

Bella Bbnaija’s Early Life and Biography


Bella BBN biography

May 31, 1997, saw the birth of Bella Bbnaija, whose full name is Chidinma Esther Okagbue. She was born in Anambra state, Nigeria, into a devout family.

Bella should have divulged more information about her education, but BBtitans is doing more research to learn more about her institution. She was a diligent and upbeat person who, at a young age, discovered a passion for fashion and creativity and worked hard to pursue it. She works as a businesswoman, reality T.V. star, digital creator, and model nowadays.

The stunning woman with a pale complexion worked as a content producer before entering Big Brother’s home, indicating that she was successful in her career and had a decent life before joining the Big Brother Naija reality television series.

Bella, the well-known reality T.V. actress from BBNaija, was born Chidimma Esther Okagbue. Fun-loving and vivacious, BBNaija Bella calls herself the “Life of the Party.” BBN Naija Bella is one of the 24 roommates vying for the N100 million grand prize in Season 7 of Big Brother Naija. Bella, a content producer and 25-year-old University of Lagos graduate, says she enjoys having fun and that viewers will enjoy her program since she has a lot of high-quality entertainment to provide.

BBNaija Bella claims that she would have difficulty getting along with everyone in the house because of their diverse backgrounds, which could lead to conflict. Bella from BBnaija claims that she can be both a “Sweet girl” and a “Mean girl” simultaneously.

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After Bella was revealed as one of the BBNaija season 7 housemates in July, she went viral online. She is a well-known social media influencer and has collaborated with several brands, including Pretty Little and Sodah London.

Her Life In The BBNaija House

BBNaija Bella is a young model and producer of online media. She is competing against 24 other housemates for the N100 million grand prize in the “Level Up” season of the Big Brother reality show. The show has increased Bella’s social media presence; she now has 78.8k Instagram followers.

Bella admits that most of her friends are men because she doesn’t get along with girls. She strives to prevent gossip, envy, and headaches since “it always leads to those things.” In response to the question of which behaviors are most likely to annoy her housemates? Bella claims that her “bluntness” and fearlessness would be a big problem because she doesn’t sugarcoat what she says. People dislike hearing the truth, so I tell it like it is.

Bella acknowledges that her desire for fame and fortune led her to enroll in Big Brother Naija. “I have no desire to introduce myself at all. When I enter a room, I want to be acknowledged. I adore leading a cozy and purposeful happy life.”

Chichi and Bella nearly got into a fight over a wager duty. Bella didn’t like Chichi’s new idea for the group’s assignment. Biggie had previously given the order for each squad member to bring a unique talent to the assignment.

But Chichi took exception and yelled at Bella when she attempted to draw her attention to Biggie’s directive. Also, Eloswag had begun pursuing Chomsky, he kissed Phyna at a Saturday night celebration. Bella decided to make Chomzy feel better and more supported by making fun of Eloswag’s kiss with Phyna for the following week.

Bella BBN Cars

Vibrant and astute Bella BBNaija has a variety of photos that she took next to exotic-looking vehicles. Although Bella BBNaija’s personal vehicle collection has yet to be discovered, she is a fan of numerous luxury automakers, including Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Lamborghini, and many more.
Bella Bbnaija Online Communities.

The official social media handles of @Bella Okagbue are shown below.
Instagram: @bellaokagbue
@Bella_Okagbue on Twitter
TikTok: bellaokagbue
Facebook: itsbellaokagbue

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