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Looking to access Gimkit portal page? Join code? play games? add users to your groups? and access endless features? Then here is full information and how to go about that’s. Let work you through to the steps of gimkit code, gimkit code and login procedures.

What is Gimkit?

It’s a designated platform for classroom game shows where students compete by answering questions on their electronic devices. For instance instead of earnings points, student earn in virtual currency, which they can “invest” during the game to boost their score, hereby using the money to purchase various power ups such as earning additional points when on a streak “Getting two or more answers correctly”. For an example using insurance if a question is answered incorrectly.

Meanwhile teachers receive a data report at the end of each game that’s shows the overall class and individual students responses. These data makes this helpful tool for informational assessment, helping and providing student with quick feedback, and identifying areas that’s need to be taught and re-taught.

Outstanding Features of Gimkit

Below are an outstanding features of gimkit, learn their features and enjoy seamless outcomes with gimkit.

  • The platform is a straightforward for an easy use and accessibility
  • It’s has an enhanced interface with clearly marked steps which helps users to succeed in creating a kit sufficiently.
  • The platform has a helpdesk which allows you to ask questions about the tool, you can also give feedback about the tool and even suggests and request new features.
  • It’s also allows for entire class collaboration using a tool called Kitcollab (collaborative Gimkit). With this student work together to create a “kit” (quiz).
  • Students and users can be able to submit questions.
  • Student do not need to create an account to take gimkit quizzes or anything like collaborative “kits” and however do not need to provide any personal information or data. Meanwhile to have access to some gimkit features, including developed for homework assignments, formative assessment and tracking academic reports progress over a period of time, student need to create a account.
  • There’s options to upload images or audio questions is a potential plus for accessibility, meanwhile it’s only available for the pro versions.
  • You can choose any language you to use for live games and you are able to enable the use of Google translate, which will allow you translate the text inside the live games.
  • If students can create an account, they must be: A student and outside of the European union, or inside the European Union, but over 18 years of age. However if a student (outside the the EU) creates an account and is under 13 years, the must get a consent from their parents or guardians. These consent can be provided using the email address or maybe the school is part of the Gimkit network then the school is responsible for receiving consent.

What info does Gimkit collect ?

Below are the information that’s Gimkit collect from it users below:

  • Your Name (Needed for all accounts)
  • Your Email Address (Needed for all accounts)
  • Your date of birth (Needed for student account)
  • Your school, university, or an organisation (Needed for all educator accounts)
  • Educators interests/subject (Needed for all educators account)
  • Grade level, if you are a teacher (Needed for all educator accounts)
  • Financial information (Needed when signing up for Gimkit paid subscriptions)

How to use Gimkit Student Account

If you want to make use of Gimkit for student, you need to follow the below instructions to be able to use the Gimkit student options.

  • First, make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • Then head to
  • Now type in the game code provided by the teacher/host.
  • Then type your name on the space provided.
  • Now wait for the teacher host to start the game.
  • Click on the answer which you think is correct, the gimkit question shows a screen with the question “what is our professors name?) There’s are four possibilities answers to get “Kendra Sleeper Megan Flaherty, Torrey Trust, Michelle Barrett.”
  • Now if you select the correct answer, you will collect money. If you select the incorrect answers, money will be taken aways.
  • Meanwhile while waiting for the next question, you need to choose to shop for upgrades, power ups or themes to help enhance your game play.
  • However, there’s four possible options in the shop page.
  • And there’s a button for more money per questions, streak bonus, and multiplier and insurance.
  • NB: Whenever the game ends, the results will show your place, your final balance, and the rate of questions amount answered correctly from you.

How to Use Gimkit Teacher/Host Account

Incase your are a teacher or host and you are finding it difficult to access and make use of Gimkit, below are instructions to make use of Gimkit platform for teacher and host account.

  • First you need to connect your devices to the internet, once done, visit the official website through the following URL
  • Then click on the sign up button within the upper top right to create an account.

Choose Plan Types:

  • Choose plan types (Gimkit Basic, Gimkit Pro, Gimkit Pro Pass, or Gimkit Groups).
  • Now enter your email address and password.
  • Then click on the (New Kit) create kit.
  • Now name the kit and select preferred language and subject.
  • Click the options which shows either (add questions or Create with Kitcollab)
  • Then add from the question Bank or import from the spreadsheet
  • Kindly select your preferred type (Multiple Choices or Text Input)
  • On the space box, type in your question, type in the correct answers next within the green checkmark incon.
  • Meanwhile if the “Multiple choice” is chosen enter in the incorrect answers next to the red X incon.
  • Whenever you are done with the kit, click “Finish Kit” incon in the left siderbar

For hosting a game:

  • Click green “play ” button after your completed kit to host the Gimkit game.

Choose game Type:

  • Choose a game (Classic or Team Mode)
  • Choose a game goal, Time, Race or All In.

Choose Starting Cash:

  • Choose a handicap (Players won’t be able to go below a certain cash amount).
  • Choose Answer check (Allow player to view exact correct answer after answering incorrectly).
  • Choose whether there’s music.
  • Choose whether there’s clapping
  • Choose whether players can join the game late.
  • Choose shop options: Powerups =Themes, and Clean Power Ups only.
  • Click the green “Continue” button within the top of the page.
  • Now have students enter the code presented on the screen.
  • Start game by clicking on the “start game” button green within the top right corner of the page.

How do I get people to join my Gimkit?

Looking to recruit people to join and your Gimkit? Here is how to do that’s below here on this page.

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet, then logon to your account on Gimkit and visit the following URL Or then select group license from the Me drop-down menu.
  • Select the group you wan from the list of groups you managed.
  • Then copy your group invites link and share it with the teachers you to add to the group.
  • NB: To join your groups, teachers need to visit your invite link while logged onto Gimkit with an Educator account. When a teachers joins they will see a confirmation pop up. Meanwhile for a group manager’s, teachers who joined now shows up under the members tab.

Gimkit Representatives Service Center Information

Wanting to communicate and ask questions about some inquiries, you can do that’s by emailing Gimkit help desk using the details below:

  • Gimkit representatives service center information.
  • Visit the URL to communicate Gimkit for support and assistance.


Can you play Gimkit without paying?

The free Gimkit plans offers unlimited access to the currently featured modes. Gimkit Pro (Paid Plans) offers unlimited access to every mode, no matter whatsoever, which means unlimited access to every modes.

How much do you have to pay for Gimkit?

The Gimkit offers two options, two paid Gimkit Plans. Gimkit pro annual, automatically billed once a year at $59.88. Gimkit pro monthly, automatically billed monthly with range prices which cost $14.99.

How do you get money on Gimkit?

For you to earn Gimbucks, you need to gain XP by playing 2D Gimkit games. Gain 1,000 Xp to level up, you earn 100 Gimbucks. You can use Gimbucks to purchase items on their stores.

How do you play Gimkit games?

You can watch how to play Gimkit games on YouTube below:

Can I play Gimkit by myself?

With an assignment which allows your students to play Gimkit on their own anywhere. Use assignments for distance learning, independent study or homework. To create an assignment takes just few moments.

Is Gimkit only for school?

With more than 10+ unique games modes and more in the development, there’s always a new way to play. Homes works. Gimkit does not just have to accessed and used in class only. You can be able to assign it as homework.

How many people can play Gimkit for free?

This allow you play any game, but only with 5 students. But the new plan gives you access to unlimited access to their current featured modes.

Can you join a Gimkit after it starts?

The lives games defaults is setup to allow students to joint in late. To do this click on the “join in late” selector to toggle late joining on and off. NB: You joining in late selection will save from game to game.

Does Gimkit have an app?

The app is launched in 2017. Gimkit started out as a high school projects game show that’s helped students learn in an engaging, fun way. As we speak Gimkit is available on all mobile devices, this means students can play from anywhere, even in school.

Is Gimkit good for students?

It’s won’t be classified as only fun, but it’s also useful to student in the classroom. But also beneficial for them at home. Teachers can assign various homework challenges for students to complete outside school and the Gimkit technology provides a grade automatically. Kids can also contribute to the questions using the Kitcollab features.

Can you play Gimkit without a teacher?

Yes, student can play Gimkit on their own time at their own desired points.