How to Track a Phone Number [10 Best Online Mobile Location Tracker by Phone Number]

We skip a beat when we can’t find our phone. If you have lost your phone, tracking it down using a free mobile phone tracker might assist. In other circumstances, locating someone’s phone does infringe on their privacy.

This can be warranted in some circumstances, notably during emergencies when privacy takes a backseat to safety. In this post, we will explore how to find a location using phone numbers and top apps that enable you to track someone’s area with a phone number. Read on to find out the different ways to track a phone number..

How to track a phone number

Below, you will discover the list number and location tracker applications that one can use to monitor someone’s location using their phone numbers. So, explore the list and figure out your finest app.

How to track a phone number using google maps (find my device)

Have you ever wondered what Google Maps can do beyond merely showing directions and routes? Google Maps comes with excellent G.P.S. technology and position-tracking capability that allows you to locate the exact location of a phone number within seconds.

You may also track a phone number with Google’s Find My Device tool. But the cell phone you wish to follow must be able to connect to the internet. Users can track a G.P.S. phone online and connect to the service.

When the phone exits the Wi-Fi range, the Find My Device app alters the G.P.S. data to find the phone again. Here’s how to use this app to find your Android phone.

  • Sign in with your Google Account on the Android Find My Device.
  • Pick the one you want to find if you have many phones.
  • The service will let the missing phone know about it.
  • With this program, you can see exactly where the lost phone is on a map. The exact information is a rough estimation and could be erroneous. It tells you where the device was last if the service can not find it.
  • Choose what you wish to do, but turn on Lock and Erase if you fear someone has taken it. Play Sound, Secure Device, and Erase Device are other choices.

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2. How to track a phone number using Spyera

Spyera is an application that allows you to follow a phone number and watch the phone’s activities. You must first acquire a license for the app before installing it on your phone.
This tool is also quite simple; you only need to download it, log into your control panel, and begin monitoring any mobile device you desire.

Among its attributes are:

  • It utilizes G.P.S. to locate individuals; if G.P.S. is disabled, it has WI-Fi.
  • Monitors incoming and outgoing phone calls and shows the caller’s name without needing extra software.
  • Includes the caller’s name and the length of each call.
  • Permits both direct listening and recording of phone calls.
  • Informs you when the target phone calls, allowing you to record and listen to the discussion.
  • It catches the surrounding noises like you were sitting in the same position as the phone.
  • It lets you observe many social media, mainly the chat function of programs such as WhatsApp,
  • Facebook, and Snapchat. compatible with all platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows P.C., and Mac OS.

3. How to track a phone number using IMEI number

This way of locating someone in Nigeria is typically used while searching for a lost or stolen phone since it is required by the security center or telecom company that will trace your phone once it has been stolen.

This tracking method monitors a 15-digit number called the IMEI, an acronym for “International Mobile Equipment Identity.”

How to track someone in Nigeria using IMEI

Download the IMEI Tracker application from either the Google Play Store or the iPhone App Store.
Upon making an account on the application, enter the phone’s IMEI number you wish to trace.
The program will begin looking for the phone and inform you of its position.

  • How to determine an individual’s IMEI number
  • Go to the settings menu.
  • After clicking General, go to About.
  • Scroll down to see your IMEI number.
  • Alternatively, call *#06# from your phone to see the IMEI.

4. How to track a phone number using mSpy

mSpy is a popular phone tracker and monitoring software used for parental control, staff monitoring, and even identifying locations using phone numbers. It allows users to follow a target device’s location and access call history, texts, and social media activities. mSpy offers several tools for remote monitoring, enabling users to keep tabs on device activity.


  • Get immediate access to phone locations
  • Screen recorder included on this app
  • Easy remote observation of online activities.

5. How to track a phone number using is a global phone tracking service that lets you locate anyone’s position using their phone number, regardless of their operating system. It provides you the power to find a location anywhere in the world using a phone number. It’s vital to note that the software must be installed on the target device you desire to locate for accurate tracking.


  • Do free mobile trace for 14 days
    Use it to find unlimited numbers of phones
    Jailbreaking not needed
    Works for all sorts of phones

How to track a phone number using SpyX

SpyX is a new phone tracker brand that gradually emerged in 2023. Still, their monitoring solutions are entirely developed, and many functions are even more vital than some older companies.

They provide geolocation monitoring of iOS and Android devices and allow users to examine data types such as text messages, phone logs, social network discussions, and images remotely. Its easy-to-use interface makes it the parents’ preferred tool. Moreover, it supports all iOS and Android devices, and you can set up your monitoring in just 2 minutes!


Track the position of mobile phones, watches, headphones, and other gadgets.
Monitor chat and browsing history on social media such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, etc.
Allow remote reading of text messages, call logs, browser history, contacts, and other regularly used mobile phone functions on sent, received, and deleted communications remotely.

6. How to track a phone number using EyeZy

EyeZy is the best application for real-time location tracking. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, it employs GPS technology to correctly determine the target device’s location on a map. You may easily install this application, showing you everything you need to do to get started. It is the most popular program due to its excellent security and its 24/7 support to its clients.

7. How to track a phone number using Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a complete phone tracking and monitoring tool for parental control and staff surveillance. It records call logs, messages, social media activity, and more. G.P.S. tracking helps find the target device. Hoverwatch is a subtle approach to monitoring device usage while delivering numerous insights.


  • Enables regulating online activities on targeted phones
  • Can track phone location
  • Check call history and phone messages on targeted phones

7. How to track a phone number using uMobix

uMobix is a free mobile tracing software platform developed for parental control and employee monitoring. It lets users track calls, messages, social media, and the target device’s location. Mobi delivers insights into device usage, assuring safety and security while respecting privacy and ethical considerations.


  • It comes with a live control panel for phone tracking
  • Tracking phone calls is available
  • Access photo gallery and browsing history

8. How to track a phone number using Phonsee

Phonsee is a versatile app that finds locations using phone numbers. It specializes in precisely determining a target device’s location via G.P.S. It supports geofencing, alerting you to device entry or exit.

Discreetly supplying complete data and timestamps, it’s excellent for parental monitoring or essential phone spying, comprising email reading, call tracking, and contact list access, among other functions.


  • Establish virtual limits and receive notifications from the target phone.
  • Accurately mark the phone’s G.P.S. location.
  • Examine a complete timeline and specific visited destinations.

9. How to track a phone number using Spynger

Spynger is a phone tracking and monitoring service that delivers extensive parental control and device security capabilities. It enables users to track the target device’s calls, messages, and social media activities. It also gives real-time G.P.S. tracking and geofencing notifications identifying locations using phone numbers. Spynger offers a comprehensive solution for remaining informed about device usage and whereabouts.


  • Real-time G.P.S. warning when phone tracking
  • Geofencing notifications when borders are set
  • Location, call, and message monitoring

10. How to track a phone number using Spokeo

Spokeo is an online people search engine that provides a platform for users to access information on individuals by entering their name, email, phone number, or address. It gathers data from many sources, including social media and public records, delivering insights like contact details, social profiles, and more.

Your search becomes easy with this program, which may assist you in identifying locations using the phone number or detecting positions by phone number.


  • Track device with phone number
  • Monitor social media activities
  • Check and monitor messages

11. How to track a phone number using Cocospy

Cocospy is a respected phone tracking and monitoring tool that excels in parental control and employee surveillance. It delivers significant insights into a target device’s actions, including calls, messages, social media, and GPS location. Cocospy is noted for its user-friendly interface and inconspicuous functioning, ensuring comprehensive monitoring while respecting privacy boundaries.


  • Check phone location with G.P.S.
  • Offers a simple U.I. for discreet tasks
  • Comprehensive surveillance of online activities
  • Check messages, call logs, social media, etc

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Frequently asked questions

1. How can I do a free mobile trace?

Choose a mobile phone tracing app and use its free trial time. Create an account to track a phone number’s location.

2. Can I discreetly trace the location of a phone number?

Yes. Most applications let you discreetly track down the location of a phone number. You will receive a clear sense of the position of that number without raising issues.


Now that we have a fully paid and free mobile phone tracker list that can enable you to identify positions using phone numbers anywhere in the world, let us see how to choose the correct one for your purpose. Here is a list of variables you need to consider before deciding.

  • Compatibility: Ensure the tracker works with your target device’s operating system, whether Android, iOS, or another platform.
  • Features: Identify the required features, such as GPS tracking, call monitoring, social media tracking, or geofencing. Select a tracker that gives the functionalities you need.
  • Ease of use: Opt for a user-friendly layout to make monitoring and navigating the app hassle-free.
  • Privacy: Ensure the tracker respects privacy regulations and user consent, especially while monitoring others’ phones.
  • Stealth mode: Some trackers feature stealth or concealed mode for inconspicuous surveillance.
  • Reliability: Read reviews and choose a reliable tracker with a history of reliability and good customer support.
  • Price: Consider your budget and the tracker’s pricing structure, including hidden fees.
  • Data security: Ensure the tracker encrypts data and enables secure access to prevent breaches.
  • Trial period: Whenever possible, go for trackers that offer a free trial period, allowing you to test their functioning before committing.
  • Legal compliance: Be informed of the legalities in your jurisdiction surrounding phone tracking, and confirm your chosen tracker complies with these restrictions.
  • Choose the most suited phone tracking app and examine the plans. Use it judicially for a better cause and track down phones when required.

It is crucial to know that tracking someone’s phone without their consent may be illegal in some places. Please consider your local laws before utilizing any of the methods outlined on this page.

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