How You Can Hide Your Phone in the Bathroom

How you can hide your phone in the bathroom. Stay with us till the end of the article in order to get every information needed.

Why You Might Want to Hide Your Phone in the Bathroom

Why would you want to hide your phone in the bathroom? There are a few good reasons.


  • Maybe you want to take a long, uninterrupted bath or just have some alone time without digital distractions. Stashing your phone away ensures you won’t be tempted to scroll through social media or check messages. Out of sight, out of mind.


  • Hiding your phone also keeps it protected from splashes, spills or drops. Bathrooms can be slippery places, and dropping your phone into the bathtub or toilet could be disastrous. Tucking it into a cabinet, drawer or basket prevents any accidental water damage or cracks to the screen.

Peace of mind

  • Knowing your phone is securely hidden and protected gives you peace of mind so you can fully relax. You won’t have to worry about it ringing, dinging or buzzing to alert you to calls, texts or notifications. For the duration of your bath or alone time, you can unplug from the digital world.

Added security

  • Concealing your phone in the bathroom also provides an extra layer of security in case of theft. Out of sight means a potential thief is less likely to grab it. They may not even realize you have a phone in the bathroom or where exactly it’s located. Every little bit of security helps.

Clever Hiding Spots Inside the Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet is an ideal spot for stashing your phone when guests come over. Behind those mirrored doors are some clever hiding spots they’ll never suspect.

Inside the Cabinet Walls

  • If your medicine cabinet has a removable panel on the back wall, that empty space behind it is the perfect phone cubby. Carefully pop off the panel, place your phone inside, then put the panel back on. Your little secret is hidden in plain sight.

Under the Bottom Shelf

  • The space underneath the bottom shelf is an often overlooked hiding spot. Simply slide your phone under the shelf towards the back wall of the cabinet. Replace any items you moved and close the cabinet doors. Your phone will be concealed and within easy reach when you need it.

In an Empty Bottle

  • An empty over-the-counter medicine bottle or vitamin bottle with a wide mouth is ideal for stashing a phone. Make sure the bottle is clean and dry, drop your phone inside, and put the cap back on. Place the bottle towards the back of a shelf in your medicine cabinet and you’ve got an inconspicuous hiding spot for your phone.

In a Box of Bandages or Cotton Balls

A box of bandages, band-aids, cotton balls or q-tips with plenty of padding is perfect for concealing a phone. Bury your phone in the center of the unused product, under at least an inch or two of padding on all sides. Put the lid on, return the box to a shelf in your medicine cabinet and close the doors. Your secret spot is disguised as an ordinary toiletry item.

Concealing Your Phone in the Shower Caddy

Concealing Your Phone in the Shower Caddy

  • Your shower caddy is the perfect hiding spot for your phone in the bathroom. When placed among shampoo bottles, soap dishes and loofahs, your phone will blend right in.
  • Find an inconspicuous corner in your shower caddy to tuck your phone away. The back, side or bottom areas behind taller bottles work well. Make sure it’s in a spot that won’t get directly sprayed by the shower head but will still be hidden from view.
  • Disable any sounds or notifications on your phone that might give away its hiding place. Turn off ringers, pings, vibrations and flashing lights. The last thing you want is your phone to start ringing from inside the shampoo bottle!
  • You’ll also want to enable a lock screen on your phone to prevent anyone from accessing it should they discover its covert location. Use a password, PIN code, pattern or fingerprint to lock your screen. For extra security, you can enable two-factor authentication on your phone to require both your password and a text message code to unlock it.
  • To retrieve your phone, simply reach behind the bottles when no one is around, unlock your screen and check for any messages or calls you may have missed. Be very careful putting it back to ensure it’s well concealed and all sounds are disabled. With the proper precautions taken, the shower caddy can be an effective means of keeping your phone hidden yet close at hand.

Some other tips for stashing your phone in the bathroom:

  • a. Wrap your phone in a towel or small blanket to muffle any sounds before hiding it.
  • b. Place it in a plastic ziplock bag in case of splashes or condensation. Make sure to seal the bag completely.
  • c. Hide it behind the toilet, in the vanity cabinet or inside the tank of the toilet (as long as the water is turned off!).
  • d. If all else fails, you can’t go wrong taping it underneath the sink. Just be very careful when retrieving it!

Tucking Your Phone Behind Toiletries

Behind your collection of lotions, shampoos, conditioners and other toiletries is a great spot to tuck away your phone. Who would think to look there? Just make sure any bottles you put it behind are opaque so the phone can’t be seen through the container.

Counter Space

  • If your bathroom counter has cabinets underneath, slide your phone behind the hinged doors. Again, an opaque cabinet is best so the phone remains out of sight. The space behind the sink, between the counter and wall, is another area most wouldn’t check. Just be very careful not to knock anything over when retrieving your phone.


  • Bathroom drawers, especially those under the sink, make a handy hiding place. Place your phone at the very back of a drawer, under or behind other items like washcloths, hair ties or makeup bags. For extra protection, you can slide it into a protective case or wrap it in a small towel before putting in the drawer. Be aware that if the drawer is full, the phone may shift around and become more visible.

Trash Cans

  • An empty trash can is not an obvious place anyone would look for a phone. Make sure the can has a lid and place the phone at the very bottom, under the liner. Replace the liner over top and put on the lid. When retrieving your phone, be extremely careful not to knock over the can. This really only works for a short period of time in case someone empties the trash.


  • Look for an out-of-the-way cabinet, like above the toilet or sink, to stash your phone. Place it on the top shelf, behind boxes or bottles. An upper cabinet in a corner is even better since it’s less likely to be opened. Make sure the cabinet door closes fully so the phone remains unseen.


The key to hiding your phone in the bathroom is using spots that are inconvenient, messy or just plain unlikely for someone to access. Keep in mind that anywhere damp, like directly behind the sink or in the shower, could damage your phone. And be very careful when retrieving your phone from any of these hiding spots to avoid making a mess or breaking anything.

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