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Have you ever experienced weird calls and texts bothering you, mainly when you’re working or taking a break? Perhaps you’ve already had enough of those texts and calls, but you can do nothing to stop them. You should call a random phone number if you decide to modify such a condition. We’ll focus on how to get phone numbers generators in this post, read on to find out the importance of getting a random number and also how to get it.

Why is it necessary to generate phone numbers?

Given that a random phone number can be considered disposable, you can infer from the idea that it can be used and deleted whenever you choose. What kind of people, after all, need a random phone number? Not everyone is aware that a random phone number is appropriate for them.

A random phone number is necessary for those who use it to apply for accounts, make purchases online, or browse certain websites. It is also essential for people who want to avoid being tracked down or contacted again because of their phone number to prevent being bothered.

For example, you leave your phone number when buying shoes online. In that case, customer service will usually call you or send you messages to get a five-star high rate. Another instance is when you try to get a service consultation and provide sales with your actual phone number, the other party will call you every day, even if you’ve turned them down numerous times. Nobody finds the two circumstances odd, so if you want to ensure you never run into them again, you should apply for a random phone number.

How to generate phone numbers

Now that you know how valuable generating a phone number is, how do you get one? There are generally two methods for using a random phone number.

  • Get a SIM card with a disposable phone number

Convenience stores in several U.S. and international cities sell SIM cards with disposable phone numbers. You are concealing your actual name, surfing history, and communication address, which aids in the protection of your private information. But it also has certain drawbacks. At first, you can’t get it anywhere. Then, a random phone number demands another phone to carry it; that is to say, you have to buy a new phone, which is a significant expense.

  • Apply for a random phone number via random phone number generator applications

This programming technique allows you to acquire it whenever and wherever. Besides, one phone is adequate for you because a random phone number can function with your genuine phone number on the same phone. Based on the VOIP technology, calls and texts can be done using the Internet or cellular data.

Best Phone Number Generator Apps for Android and iOS

If you have decided to apply for a random phone number thus to get rid of the circumstances of the previous days disrupted by others, below are 5 top random phone number generator applications for you to pick up.


  • Burner is the original second phone number app for calling, texting and image messaging. Be discreet and safe when disclosing your phone number.
  • It does a multitude of tasks:
  • Provide a number for every circumstance.
  • Safeguard your calls and tests.
  • Remove numbers whenever you want.


  • With an impenetrable vault to keep your secret contacts, call logs, messages, documents, notes, passwords, and private photos and videos safe from prying eyes, CoverMe is the ultimate secure app for private texts, phone calls, and sharing of personal photos and videos.
  • It does a multitude of tasks:
  • Gives out random phone numbers.
  • Messages vanish.
  • Provide a private, secure vault.


  • Get the most incredible private phone number app, Hushed, for any situation where you want a separate number for texting and phoning. To keep your actual number confidential and safe, share your Hushed number whenever you want.
  • It does a multitude of tasks:
  • Provide a fictitious phone number.
  • Permit complete text, photo, and talk messaging functionality.
  • Provide personalised voicemail greetings and test auto-reply messages.
  • It gives you the option to select from more than 300 area codes.


  • Using the Dingtone app, you may make free calls to any number. It does a multitude of tasks:
  • Provide a legitimate phone number with unlimited text and call usage.
  • Provide a fictitious phone number.
  • Send voice calls, images, videos, and instant messages.


  • Line2 is the ideal small company phone solution with many phone lines across devices. Choose your toll-free number and view the plans. It does a multitude of tasks:
  • Record inbound and outbound calls automatically.
  • Access your voicemail from your multiple phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Provide a variety of phone numbers in addition to a random number.


For people who want to stop being harassed, a random phone is appropriate. Using a random phone number generator tool to get a phone number is more advisable.

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