Phyna BBN Biography, Net Worth, Age, Tribe, Boyfriend & Cars

Many people adore Phyna Bbnaija and cheered for her to win Big Brother Naija since she is such an energetic housemate.

A lady who is both incredible and emotional is Phyna Bbnaija. She has repeatedly shown her emotional level in the Big Brother Nigeria house.

She is gentle and loving and falls head over heels for the people she meets. She has finally achieved the stardom she craves thanks to her admirable traits and actions on the Big Brother Naija level-up programme.

Her mission in visiting the Big Brother Naija programme has been fulfilled, and she expresses her gratitude and thanks to God. With her housemate status on Big Brother Naija, she has gained many admirers and a slew of suitors.

There are a lot of people who love her, and it’s not just on the programme. There are many more things to discuss about Phyna Bbnaija, and we won’t miss them.

However, before looking at her biography and other related things, let’s get to know who she truly is, her career, and more.

BBN Phyna Biography (Ijeoma Josephina Otabor)

Phyna BBN Biography

Ijeoma characterizes herself as “allergic to malice”. She is short-tempered and can quarrel with someone one minute, then chat to them the next like nothing happened.

She is single and believes she is a born entertainer. “My view on relationships is: Na Mumu dey fall in love”. One of her specialties is mending home appliances, She regards her graduation as one of the happiest times of her life. “I never thought I would be able to further my education in a higher learning institution”. Phyna has set her sights on the Big Brother Naija House for one simple reason: she wants to make a difference.

Ijeoma Josephina Otabor, known as Chyna, was born on June 2, 1997, in Edo State, Nigeria. She is from Edo State, the Esan tribe. She also did her primary, secondary and tertiary education with Ijeoma in her name. We believe her mother came from Delta State.

The 26-year-old musician is one of the housemates in the ‘Level Up’ season 7 2022 edition of Africa’s most excellent reality T.V. show, Big Brother Naija (BBNaija 2022). Currently, she is the 25-year-old winner of the ₦100,000 million prize for the Big Brother Naija Season 7 challenge.

Before joining the Big Brother Naija house, Phyna worked full-time as a Hype-Woman in clubs. Only lately, Phyna finished the first session of the media round for the last group of the Big Brother Naija housemates.

However, she has entertained fresh interviews and media rounds as the champion. The BBN season seven champion is rebranding, and fingers are crossed to see what she’ll be heading into. There’s every chance that she might also venture into the entertainment sector.

BBNaija Phyna’s personality

BBNaija Phyna says she’s allergic to malice and has a strong temper. Phyna’s sharp temper was challenged after her furious confrontation with fellow housemate Amaka. Phyna had claimed that Amaka labeled her legs “tiny,” which made her angry- so she replied by calling her a “rat.” The outcry from both groups of the BBnaija house led to a huge battle.

Describing herself as a “10” with a bad temper, the BBNaija season 7 contestant, Phyna, also underlines her allergy to gossip, “a lot of people know I despise it. You can never gossip about someone to me”, she remarked.

Phyna states that she is a go-getter who never backs out at the slightest fear of controversy. She describes that feature as one of her techniques to level up in the BBNaija home.

BBNaija Phyna’s hobbies and dislikes

According to BBNaija Phyna, one of her many abilities and hobbies is mending home appliances, and a major turn-off for her is people being false. She reiterates her disdain for gossip.

BBNaija Phyna’s relationship

The 25-year-old Phyna says she doesn’t believe in love since “na Mumu dey love.” BBNaija Phyna is prepared never to get the gooey feeling. In a nutshell, BBnaija Phyna is giving “hard girl” vibes.

However, during her stay in the BBNaija house-Phyna fell entangled with Groovy, and they are officially a couple now.

Phyna Bbnaija Net Worth

After a 10-week eventful time in the Big Brother Naija house, Phyna earned the reward of ₦100,000,000 million, about $167,000. However, the cash reward involved is ₦50,000,000 million plus ₦50,000,000 worth of additional exciting prizes. Phyna’s current net worth is calculated at ₦50,000,000 million, or $84,000.

Phyna Bbnaija Cars

Phyna wins BBNaija season 7, Taking Innoson’s newest S.U.V., IVM G5T Home
Phyna wins BBNaija season 7, Taking Innoson’s latest SUV IVM G5T Home. She also received a Tecno Camon 19, Innoson G5T from Innoson Vehicles, and an all-expense paid trip for two to Dubai from Travelbeta.

Phyna-Buys-Mercedes-Benz-GLE-as-End-Of-Year-gift-for-herself. Josephina “Phyna” Otabor, the winner of the “Level Up” challenge on Big Brother Naija, is believed to have spent millions of Naira on a brand-new Mercedes Benz G.L.E. for herself.

The reality Star, born in Edo, chose to complete the year with a bang by giving herself a Mercedes Benz as a present.

Phyna Bbnaija Social Media

Phyna BBNaija is active on social media. In case you are a great admirer of hers, you can follow her on any of these social media handles;

Instagram: @unusualphyna
Twitter: @unusualphyna
Tiktok: unusual_phyna
Official Fan Page: @@phynation_

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