Quick Credit Connect Login at Quickcredit.com.ng/app/login

Are you looking to login via Quickcredit official platform? Let work you through the login process and how to access your account in one single steps.

The quick credit connect login portal is developed to receive your login details of those who registered with the platform or an existing customers who initially have registered with them.

The quick credit connect portal has dynamic interface which gives you easy access to be able to access and login to your profile page by inputting your details on the areas assigned.

NB: Know that’s while you are logging into the app, be sure your details are handy and you can be able to make use of the appropriate space designated as the login spaces, if you can’t be able to remember your login details you can request a change of password and account recovery below.

Brief info About Quick Credit Connect

Quick Credit Connect is a Capital Community Bank division called CCBank. CCBank was founded in 1993 as an Utah Chartered Bank, located in Provo, Utah, Member FDIC

The Banking system is developed as a multi function financial institution which gives multiple checking and savings accounts.

They also offer business and customer loans and custom lending options for commercial and residential real estate.

They gives loans to customers, meanwhile first time customers usually qualify for loan amount between $1000 and $3000 with APRs between %185 and %225.

The form of their credit offered are high-priced, customers are meant to believe either the pay the first loan the borrowed before going into a second hand for another loans.

Quick Credit do have credit rating that’s can be influenced negatively by a non payments or late repayment which means transactions histories will be forwarded to the credit bureaus and your might be sold.

How to Login Quick Credit Connect Account

For you to be able to login into your account you need to have the correct details of your profile details. With this you will be able to access your account seamlessly on the quick credit connect portal

Use the guidelines below:

  • As you are ready to login to your account page, make sure your connection to internet is okay.
  • Then visit the quick credit official website through
  • Now enter your email address
  • Then enter your password
  • Then mark the remember my email box incase if you don’t want to enter your details whenever you want to login back to the platform.
  • Now “Click Login”
  • Then follow the remaining prompts and you are good to go

Incase your a new customer wishing to create an account with quick credit connect, just use the following information to be able to create, sign-up and start connecting.

Create Quick Credit Connect Account

If you wish to get loan from quick credit connect, then you need to create an account with them. Please follow the below guidelines

  • To get started visit the official browser with your device already connected to the internet via their website https://www.quickcredit.com/
  • Then click on the “Get started”
  • Now fill out the application form on your screen
  • Agree the terms and conditions by ticking the box.
  • Click on the “Continue”
  • Then follow the prompts to get your account setup in a bit.

With this you can be able to create your account login details with quick credit connect.

Quick Credit Connect Account Recovery

Incase you by a chance forgotten your account details and you wish to recover it, you can follow the below information to be able to access your account.

Now to reset your password and recover your details, please follow the below guidelines to do so.

  • Visit the official website of quick credit connect platform with the following URL
  • Now click on the “forgot password”
  • Then enter your email address
  • Now click on the “Continue”
  • Kindly follow the remaining prompts and you are done

Quick Credit Connect Customer Service Contact Information

To be able to connect and contact quick credit information, you need to follow the process below to be able to do so.


Incase you are looking to keep good relations with Quick credit connect, it’s understandable to keep trust with them, by repaying on time, so you will be able to get next loan, hereby keeping good history with quick credit connect banking platform.