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San José galleon: Two new shipwrecks found off Colombian coast

President Iván Duque stated that Colombian naval officers monitoring a sunken Spanish ship rich with treasure had discovered two other historical shipwrecks nearby.

The British sank the San José galleon in Colombia’s Caribbean port of Cartagena in 1708.

In 2015, the wreckage was discovered.

The ship was carrying one of the biggest sums of riches ever lost at sea, earning it the moniker “Holy Grail of Shipwrecks.”

A remotely driven vehicle recording the wreckage has now uncovered two more adjacent wrecks: a colonial boat and a schooner believed to date from around the time of Colombia’s 200-year-long battle for independence from Spain.

The new photographs provide the finest look yet of the treasure aboard the San José, which includes gold ingots and coins, 1655 Seville cannons, and an unbroken Chinese dinner service.

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According to officials, archaeologists are seeking to determine the provenance of the plates based on inscriptions.

The wreck has been the subject of a long-running legal battle over who owns it.The ship and its treasures, according to Spain, are a “ship of state” because they belonged to the Spanish navy when they were sunk and are protected as such under UN standards.

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