Top 10 Richest Pastors in the World

In a society where spirituality, religion, and riches meet with luxury and power, a particular group’s wealth is not of this world. These religious figures, frequently called flock shepherds, have accumulated enormous wealth from their ministries, media conglomerates, and charitable undertakings.

In religious leadership and spiritual counseling, a particular group of people has accumulated riches that many people would never be able to comprehend. Being called the “richest pastors,” their wealth has drawn interest and discussion from both the public and religious spheres.

We shall learn more about the lives and fortunes of these extraordinary people in the following story. We will dive into the lives of these pastors who have broken free from the confines of traditional church leadership to become financial giants in their own right, from the lavish lifestyles they lead to the origins of their extraordinary fortune.

Top Richest pastors in the world

1. Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen is a well-known televangelist and published author from the United States. His televised sermons are watched by around 10 million people nationwide.

Joel Osteen

His sermons have found an audience in more than 100 nations, demonstrating his notable impact outside the United States.

Joel’s accomplishments across various pursuits have paid off handsomely in terms of money. He has spent his riches in real estate, buying homes totalling $10.5 million.

2. Robertson Pat

Pat Robertson’s estimated net worth was $120 million at his death. Pat Robertson was a well-known televangelist and influential American media entrepreneur. Pat Robertson was chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network, chancellor of Regent University, and C.E.O. at his death in June 2023.

Robertson Pat

Robertson attended New York Theological Seminary to study theology, graduating in 1959. Over the next two years, he was ordained as a pastor of the Southern Baptist Church.

After establishing his position as a clergyman, he spearheaded the founding of The 700 Club, the first Christian television channel in the country, in 1960.

His impressive vehicle collection was made possible by the significant revenue he received from the event.

3. Romildo Soares Ribeiro

The estimated net worth of R.R. Soares is $125 million. A versatile character from Brazil, Romildo is well-known for his work as an author, composer, performer, televangelist, businessman, and missionary.

Romildo Soares Ribeiro

In the 1960s, he began his televangelist journey after reading a book by T.L. Osborn.

He founded the International Church of God’s Grace in the 1980s. This thriving Church has branches in Brazil, the UK, Portugal, and several other countries.

Apart from his spiritual pursuits, Romildo has a gospel record company called Editora Ltda and Graça Artes Gráficas.

In addition, he has written twelve books in Portuguese and a large number of gospel songs.

4. Chris Oyakhilome

The estimated net worth of Chris Oyakhilome is $125 million. Chris is a well-known televangelist from Nigeria who is famous for faith healing.

He is the inspirational founder and head of Believers LoveWorld, a sizable Christian ministry with several essential divisions.

Chris Oyakhilome

These consist of the Healing School and Rhapsody of Realities, among others. Chris’s ministry is the primary source of his wealth, although he also makes money from his frequent writing.

Notably, he is the author of Rhapsody of Realities. This famous daily holy bible has been translated into many languages.

5. Oyedepo David

The estimated net worth of David Oyedepo is $150 million. David is a well-known Nigerian personality who serves as a pastor, businessman, skilled writer, and the inspirational creator of the Living Faith Church, among other roles.

Oyedepo David

He temporarily worked for the Federal Ministry of Housing in Ilorin, Nigeria, before heeding a spiritual calling. He started his heavenly journey in 1981 and founded his Church because of a great revelation during an eighteen-hour vision, evidence of his strong faith.

After just five short years of commitment and duty, David was ordained as the Church’s bishop, which denotes his prominence in the religious world.

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6. Bushiri Shepherd

The estimated net worth of Shepherd Bushiri is $150 million. Shepherd is a preacher from Malawi who is presently living in South Africa. He is well-rounded and well-known for his work as an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author.

Bushiri Shepherd

He established the Enlightened Christian Gathering in South Africa, and it has since grown, with branches in places like Ghana, Malawi, and South Sudan. This Church serves as a vehicle for his spiritual leadership.

Apart from his spiritual pursuits, Shepherd has expanded his interests by founding Shepherd Bushiri Investments. This business operates in many industries, such as real estate, mining, oil, transportation, and hospitality.

7. Kenneth Copeland

The estimated net worth of Kenneth Copeland is $300 million. Kenneth is a well-rounded, renowned American televangelist, author, charismatic public speaker, and talented musician with strong ties to the Charismatic Movement.

Kenneth Copeland

He is regarded by most as the most well-known person connected to the growth of evangelism of the “prosperity gospel” variety.

Kenneth had a successful music career before his conversion to Christianity and his subsequent vocation as a preacher in 1962. In reality, his track “Pledge Of Love,” which entered the Top 40 on music charts, brought him great popularity.

8. Santiago Valdemiro

Valdemiro Santiago’s estimated net worth is $350 million. Pastor Valdemiro is a Brazilian and a key figure in the World Church of the Power of God.

He was a preacher at the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God before taking on leadership in this congregation.

Santiago Valdemiro

But it’s reported that disagreements and miscommunications with the administration caused his purported dismissal from the Universal Church.

This incident was the impetus for Valdemiro’s founding of the World Church of the Power of God. This spiritual organization has subsequently grown to include other churches.

9. Alph Lukau

The estimated net worth of Alph Lukau is $1 billion. Alph inspired the successful South African spiritual organization Alleluia Ministries International.

His ministry began in 2002 and has grown significantly since then, drawing thousands of members worldwide.

Alph Lukau

This development has opened branches in South Africa, Angola, Congo, Zambia, Namibia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, among other nations.

The pastor is well-known for leading an opulent lifestyle; this is demonstrated by his private plane, several motorcycles, and luxury cars.

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10. Edir Macedo

The estimated net worth of Edir Macedo is $1.2 billion. Rede Record, the country’s second-biggest television network, is owned and chaired by notable Brazilian media tycoon and religious leader Edir Macedo.

Edir Macedo

Interestingly, he is the wealthiest preacher in the world right now. He founded the Rio de Janeiro-based Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in 1977.

This denomination has expanded throughout time to rank among the biggest in the nation. He bought Rede Record in 1990 with the money he made from this religious endeavor; however, his primary source of riches was the television network.

“‘It’s because of your faithfulness,’ Pastor Joel Osteen told his congregation. ‘You paid it off by the goodness of God.'” Osteen sobbed as he announced to the standing-room-only crowd at Houston’s Lakewood Church [in January] that their contributions had paid off its $100 million debt.


Managing the gospel is quite different from working in other occupations. It’s a big, complex area with spiritual animals that aren’t visible to the human eye. It’s exciting to think there are things we’ve never seen out there.

As a result, not everyone decides to become a pastor. According to 1 Corinthians 12:28, a pastor is divinely chosen to carry out God’s plan. Pastors were known for their financial and verbal richness in the twenty-first century. We hope you enjoy reading about the top richest pastors in the world.