What is Push Money?

What is Push Money?

Push money is  the additional incentive given to the retailers to make sure that they show the manufacturer’s product conspicuously and make sure that they top off the merchandise. This push cash is mostly given to enhance sales.

Push money


Most of the fast-paced trade goods placed in retail stores area unit low involvement merchandise and therefore the shopping for pattern of the patron depends on that product is placed within the front, that product is accessible invariably and possibly to that stand am I interested in. In such a state of affairs loads of the manufacturer’s sales depends on individual retailers and the way they place and show and promote their product. makers developed the idea of push cash as associate incentive to lean to the retailers so as to make sure that their merchandise gain the eye of the patron. this is often a money incentive, not like the advertising allowance or trade allowance given to the retailers.

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This push money can even be thought of as a incentive for workers to sell additional merchandise. The commission given on merchandising additional of a product, and therefore the offers given –like a visit or a vacation for the worker to achieve a selected target in sales, is all lined beneath the idea of push cash.
Hence, this concludes the definition of Push cash along side its summary.

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