Which Bank is the best for POS Business in Nigeria?

Do you want to start a POS business in Nigeria? In order to yield profit, you have to know the right banks that will make you succeed.

Factors to Consider

Factors are to be considered before selecting any bank for your POS business, they are:

  • Security Procedures: Security measures is very essential. Select a bank that has robust security measures in order to guard against unauthorized access and fraud.
  • Transaction Dependability and Speed: Choose a bank that can handle transactions fast and reliably to give customers and merchants a smooth experience.
  • Network Visibility: In this case, you think of a bank that offers a reliable network coverage for point-of-sale transactions. A broad network of POS terminals has come to plain in both urban and rural areas.

Best Banks for POS Business in Nigeria

Below are the best banks for Pos Business in Nigeria are;

First Bank of Nigeria:
This is the largest and oldest bank in Nigeria which offers a wide range of financial services and POS is enough them. Firstbank has friendly charges to any amount of withdrawal. In order to get the POS machine from them, you are required to get a current account in which your monthly transactions get to at least 500,00.

Note: It must be corporate account or a personal current account.

As an agent, you stand to enjoy; cheaper transaction fees, instant credit or settlement for transaction processed, quick registration and access to cheap insurance.

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank):
In Nigeria, this bank is known for innovative banking solutions. They provide POS services and they are friendly to their users. The bank POS terminal offers an easy and effective way to accept online payments and in less than a day, money being deposited to the merchant’s account is acquired.

Features offered by the guaranty trust bank to their agent involves:

  • Payment for the products is instantly confirmed.
  • Minimizes the risk of loss from employee theft or armed robbery.
  • Reconciliation that is aided and cash handling is reduced with increased efficiency.
  • Increased sales since the merchant may now accept payments from customers using cards as well as cash.
  • Lowers the cost of hiring staff and purchasing equipment to handle cash receipts.

Access Bank:
This bank is one of the leading banks in Nigeria and offers different financial services and POS solutions is included. It has a wide chain of ATMs and branches. You will get 2.5% of your money back and at accessible register led merchant store. To get started with your Access bank POS services is to have;

  • Visit any of the registered merchant stores to purchase items
  • Request to use an Access Bank POS machine at checkout
  • Input your phone number and purchase amount in the POS machine
  • Transaction is completed, and cashback earned!

Zenith Bank:
Zenith Bank is renowned for its digital banking offerings in Nigeria.The bank offers point-of-sale (POS) services to companies, and its systems are made to be easy to use. Zenith bank features high end security, new technology cardless payment, different card compatibility, fast process etc.

United Bank for Africa (UBA):
UBA is a pan-African bank with operations in different countries and Nigeria is one of them. The bank offers POS services and has a focus on leveraging technology for enhanced financial services.

  • UBA POS features are: all card compatibility, balance enquiry, , bill payment and all merchants get to have access to view transactions.
  • Benefits embedded are increased sales, customer satisfaction, speed of checkout, safety and security and you get to earn revenue on cash back transactions.
  • And any other banks.


The POS services has made life easier for people to get access to their money. They don’t longer go to the bank and stand on a queue. No matter the population of the point-of-sale(POS) industry in Nigeria, you will always make profit.

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