best YouTube marketing tools

best YouTube marketing tools


best YouTube marketing tools


Video marketing is a great way to create excitement around your brand and boost sales. In order to do this, though, you need to make sure that your videos are engaging and shareable. YouTube is the most popular platform for sharing videos online and there are tons of tools out there that can help you create engaging content that will get over 100 million views per month (and beyond). From analytics tools to social media management platforms, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite tools for creating high-quality videos on YouTube—and then promoting them!


JumpStart is a tool that helps you create videos for your YouTube channel. It’s easy to use, and it works on both your phone or computer. You can make videos for the web and social media as well.

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JumpStart is free to use, so there’s no risk in trying it out!


  • VidIQ allows you to find the right videos to promote.
  • It helps you find videos that are relevant to your audience, popular with your audience and similar to your own content.


TubeBuddy is a YouTube management tool that allows you to optimize your videos, check stats and track your progress. It also allows you to post content on multiple platforms at once, tag and categorize videos, upload videos to multiple platforms at once and create custom channels for each video.

TubeBuddy is one of the best YouTube marketing tools because it helps you reach more people with better quality content by making sure that it is optimized well before publishing it on the web or mobile apps like Apple TV or Roku devices.

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Vidyard is a YouTube marketing tool that allows you to create and share videos. You can add text, images and other content to your video, then track how many people watch it on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Vidyard also connects you with other social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn so that you can amplify your reach through these channels as well.

Promo by Slidely

Promo by Slidely is a tool that allows you to create slide shows. It’s a great way to promote your videos, since it creates a more interactive experience for your audience. You can also use it on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, or even in emails or newsletters.

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Promo by Slidely also has some other handy features including:

  • The ability to add text overlays (like logos) onto any image in your slideshow
  • The ability to add music tracks from Spotify

These tools will help you make great videos.

There are many tools out there that can help you make great videos, but it’s important to note that not all of them are created equal. Some of these tools may be more useful for beginners than experts.

But we think our list of best YouTube marketing tools is the perfect place to start your search for the best YouTube video production software (videography). We’ve rounded up our favorite options from top companies in each category so you can see what works best for your brand and budget!


These tools will help you make great videos.

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