DJ Cuppy Threatens To Deal With Trolls Making Fun Of Her Brother’s Disability

DJ Cuppy, a billionaire heiress, has threatened to block and report trolls mocking her younger brother Fewa Otedola’s disabilities on Instagram, warning she will block and report them for cyberbullying.

DJ Cuppy, who is proud of her younger brother Fewa Otedola, never hides the fact that he has severe autism and threatened those who mock him because of his disability in a birthday message to him yesterday.

She claims she doesn’t care what others say about her on social media, but she won’t take it lightly if they insult or make fun of her brother’s condition because he has severe autism, as she will block and report the person to Instagram.

This means that DJ Cuppy has been watching and listening to everything said about her on social media but has chosen to remain calm. However, if anyone tries to make fun of her brother because of his disability, that person will see the fire in her eyes.

We agree with Cuppy on this since it’s one thing to troll someone about something, but insulting someone because of their condition is inhumane, and it’s best if she intervenes to protect her brother’s feelings.
DJ Cuppy threatens to sue trolls who mock her brother’s disability.

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