Donate your car Sacramento

One of the biggest cities in California is the city of Sacramento. The town has a variety of social issues, but we can assist. Read on for a summary of some of the most well-known nonprofits in Sacramento, California that benefit the city’s politics, health, education, and other sectors.


One car contribution may assist a whole network of refugees in becoming independent since most receivers of car donations drive carpools for work and errands, helping others in their community. Here are the most reputable charities to donate your car in Sacramento.

Top Charities to donate your car in Sacramento

Sacramento Sheriff‘s Toy Project

In 1984, the Sheriff’s Toy Project was founded to help overcrowded prison inmates. The original plan was to make and mend some wooden toys and fix donated bicycles to assist them in serving their term.

When the toys were completed, the poorest neighborhoods received them. The project formally changed its status to a nonprofit organization in 2012.

The Sheriff’s Project is still run today according to the same guiding ideas as when it first started. Its members assist individuals in need, but they do it with novel and creative methods this time.

These days, police enforcement, criminals, and community volunteers work together to create toys like rocking horses, rocking motorbikes, and dollhouses. Furthermore, they restore bicycles and give them a brand-new appearance.

The volunteers’ assistance never ends. They put a lot of effort all year, particularly during the winter, to distribute goods to nonprofit organizations and needy individuals.


Additionally, 4,046 families and 7,728 children have benefited from the Sacramento Sheriff’s Toy Project.

Those interested in participating in this effort can make a monetary gift or give an a car through the Donate area of the website For further information, contact (916) 361-4571.

League of Women Voters of California

Since the League of Women Voters of California General Fund is a nonprofit, it has no stance on political parties or candidates. Its members seek to address community concerns at the state level, increase public engagement and involve communities in promoting solutions to public policy problems through advocacy and education.

This league was founded in 1920 as a campaign to support the 19th Amendment’s guarantee of women’s voting rights and assist 20 million women in assimilating their new responsibilities as voters. The movement’s founder, Carrie Chapman Catt, asserted that women could vote and enhance society’s prosperity as a whole.

This movement is steadfast in supporting representative democracies, individual liberty guaranteed by the Constitution, the economy’s expansion under capable leadership, and active and participative citizenry.

If you want to give money or your car to this group in Sacramento, go to the Give part of the website. Buying products from the fund store is another method to contribute.

Keaton Raphael Memorial

The Keaton Raphael Memorial Fund was established to provide medical, psychological, and financial support to families of children with cancer, as well as other forms of assistance. It is common knowledge that receiving a cancer diagnosis drastically alters a person’s life, particularly for young patients.

Occasionally, the parents of a sick kid lose their jobs, hospital visits rise, and new daily patterns are established. The circumstances above are the primary causes of stress in ill children’s parents or relatives. Keaton Raphael Memorial provides for and looks after individuals by offering financial and economic support when times are hard.

The fund provides several programs tailored to specific needs that assist families and children in coping with cancer and its aftereffects. “Hope Chest” is one of the popular initiatives. For all family members who experience the same level of anxiety and nervousness as the children with cancer, it provides financial help as well as educational tools. This charity supports several organizations, including the US Davids Comprehensive Cancer Center and Children Hospital Oakland.

In 1997, after Keaton, Robyn, and Kyle Raphael’s kid was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a nonprofit organization was founded. Kyle, Robyn, and Keaton took the fight to the disease head-on as a family. Sadly, they lost the struggle. They thus founded this charity in honour of their son to raise awareness that giving up is never an option.

Individuals may support this cause by following the fund on the various social media platforms listed on the website or donating to the Donate section of the website. Donating an car is another way that Sacramento residents may support this charity.

4. Courageous Connection

An Elk-based nonprofit group called Courageous Connection doesn’t pursue financial gain. Its primary goal is to enhance the lives of foster youth and emancipate them. This group is becoming more and more willing to assist young people who are in need.

Courageous Connection was founded in 2007, and with the support of Sacramento County and the State of California, its creators, Dr. Hasan Abdulmalik and Mike Jones, represented Sacramento County at the Breakthrough Series Collaborative (BSC). This initiative sought to alter the state’s and county’s foster juvenile services.

The pilot program was implemented on a Sacramento school campus in 2008. After learning about the needs and gaps in the available programs, the founders and their team created better programs for young people in foster care. The creators knew what they intended to accomplish from the start.

The 501C3 nonprofit designation granted to the group in 2011 proved that. Additionally, the first-ever Kick Off to National Foster Care Month was conducted in 2013; at this event, the Major and City Counsel of Elk acknowledged the efforts made by the foster youngsters and pledged to provide them with even more assistance.

The Bike Shop, where young people in youth care refinish bicycles to increase their revenue, is one of this organization’s most significant initiatives. Another is a shop where young people may go to get cheap pricing on necessities. Given that Courageous Connection is a charity, outside assistance is also required.

Therefore, anyone who would want to contribute cash or cars may get in touch with the organization’s founder and other members via the website, or they can follow them on social media.

5. The Hemophilia Council of California

In the 1970s, four groups dedicated to supporting individuals with hemophilia came together to form the Hemophilia Council of California. It received recognition as a nonprofit organization in 1989. To raise more united voices in support of Californians with bleeding disorders, this Hemophilia Council began coordinating its advocacy agenda.

Having been in operation for 26 years, the Hemophilia Council of California is committed to providing individuals with these types of illnesses with access to high-quality, skilled treatment via advocacy, education, and cooperation with other organizations.

Young individuals with bleeding problems gather annually at Future Leaders Day and travel to Sacramento from California to share various information on handling this circumstance. The issues covered include how the state government supports these groups, how to communicate personal experiences, and job advice for young people.
Individuals may become engaged with the Hemophilia Council of California by following them on social media and donating under the “Invest in our community” section at the top right of the website.