Harvard University Scholarships in USA – Apply for Scholarship (Fully Funded)

Harvard University scholarships in USA by Harvard school offers scholarship opportunities to students of international citizens, an opportunity for such students to apply and study in Harvard university in United States of America. This is one of the dreams of many students and the opportunity is here for you today to study in the United States of America as an international students in one the most prestigious universities in the world.


Harvard is a large, highly residential research academic body with vast endowment that allows it to offer generous financial aid packages. It operates several arts, cultural, and scientific museums as well.

In this article, we are going give you all the details you need to know on Harvard university scholarship including how to apply, the scholarship details and benefits of the scholarship.

Apply for Scholarship in Harvard University in USA for International Students

Harvard university scholarship ship may come in different forms, with each having its own form of financial aid and assistance to students who are admitted into the institution.

There are scholarship and financial assistance for various levels of students academics and they include;

i. Undergraduate Scholarships


ii. Graduate Scholarships (Master’s and Ph.D. students)

Depending on the degree you are pursuing at Harvard university, these are various scholarship available to you as a student in the university.

Undergraduate Scholarships at Harvard University – Apply

This form of scholarship may come in different form, but is aimed to assist undergraduate students who meet the criteria for scholarship in Harvard university. These different forms can be said to be the form of the financing aids the scholarship grants. It can be;

1. Financial Aid for Undergraduate students by Harvard University

Scholarship Value: 100% of the demonstrated need.

Eligible students, who meet he criteria for the scholarship in Harvard university may apply for Harvard’s financial aid which covers 100% of the student’s academic needs.

Such students are selected based on the parent donations or student employment, and also any outside student honors and awards received.

Other forms of need by students are covered by the scholarship funds available to students in the form of grant-based scholarship which is not required to be paid back.

Also, there are many scholarship opportunities for students of Harvard university. These may come from many sources which may include Harvard endowment funds, federal and state grants.

2. Outside Harvard Grants & Awards (Scholarships)

Scholarship Value: Varies

Unlike the first category, here the scholarship value must not be maximum.

Companies and corporations may support outside of the university awarded scholarship and grant their own sponsorship to students. These funds are made known to the university as these they are made for academic purposes.

These are classified as part of total fund or financial help granted to the students.

Graduate Scholarships at Harvard University

1. Financial Aids for Graduate Students by Harvard University

Scholarship Value: Full tuition and living stipend.

This is the second category of scholarship that Harvard university offer. This category deals on aiding graduates and is often funded by the institution

This category offers full financial assistance to full-time resident PhD students by several departments, such as the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. This Harvard University scholarship for international students covers tuition as well as basic living expenses and health insurance for a minimum of five years.

Stipends, traineeships, teaching fellowships, and research assistantships are only a few examples of the types of support available.

These financial assistance is announced at the time of admission and must be renewed every Spring because the award’s continuation depends on the student’s performance.

Other Ways students can get Financial Aid in Harvard University aside Scholarship

There are other ways students can get financial aid while studying in Harvard University. Students are allowed to work to be able to fix certain financial challenges in Harvard university during the course of their programs.

These are some means by which students get financial help while studying in Harvard university;

Students Employment (Research Assistantships/Teaching Assistantships)

Every student studying in the institution are allowed to work. It does not matter how much financial aid you get from the institution, any student may pick a part time job that they can earn through, although the university considers the work hours as students are expected to balance their studies.

All wages you earn is paid directly to you as the institution has no interest in that, the money belongs solely to the student.

Harvard University MBA Scholarship Program

The Boustany MBA Harvard university Scholarship opportunity is made once every 2 years for a two year course in the Harvard Business School. The next Scholarship will be awarded for the class commencing Autumn 2023, and it is awarded to students who demonstrate a high level of academic achievement.


Value Of Scholarship;

1. Harvard University covers up to 75% of the students tuition and fees.

2. Harvard University covers all the expenses of the travels and accommodation of students who are awarded a scholarship in respect to their programs.

Scholarship Description:

Course Level: Scholarship is available for pursuing MBA program at Harvard Business School.

Study Subject: Scholarship is awarded in the field of Business Administration.

Location: Harvard University, USA.


In order to apply for a scholarship in Harvard university, students are required to have excellent academic background

Student who seek to apply for the scholarship and stand a chance, you must have been admitted as a student into the Harvard MBA program.

Process Of Scholarship Application in Harvard University– How to Apply

For students who meet up with the above criteria, this is how to apply for a scholarship program in Harvard university:

You’ll have to submit the following details to

Curriculum vitae with a photograph

GMAT Scores

Acceptance letter from Harvard University.

The above details is to be submitted to, and if your name is picked, you’ll be invited to an interview with the foundation.

Thus, find out all details about the Harvard scholarships, apply accordingly and stand a chance to travel to the United States to live and study there and as well as work in USA.

All traveling and accommodation expenses that concerns the program is covered by the foundation once awarded a scholarship .