Scholarships in Canada without IELTS Fully Funded

Gain access to scholarships in Canada without IELTS qualification. A timely opportunity to study abroad at world renowned universities with full coverage of tuition fees.


This is an Opportunities to take advantage of a cutting edge educational system without language barriers.

Therefore, Take your career aspirations international by unlocking scholarship opportunities in non English speaking countries.


Get the best education and become part of an open and welcoming network of like minded students from around the world.

Details About Scholarships in Canada Without IELTS

Country of Host: Canada


Type of Scholarships: Fully Funded

Programs Type: PhD Degree Programs, Bachelor’s, and Master’s.

Universities in Canada Without IELTS- apply

Scholarships in Canada without IELTS

1. Concordia University:

located in Montreal present scholarships opportunities for international undergraduate students to support their education.

2. Okanagan College:

  • Admission requirements;

Students will place at EL level 2 with an overall placement at Level 2 OCELA, or an overall IELTS 3.5, or a Duolingo score of 45-50.

3. Carleton University:

Carleton University offers scholarships opportunity for international students, both graduate students and also undergraduate students are probably considered during the enrollment process.

4. University of Saskatchewan:

The University of Saskatchewan in Canada is awarding merit-based scholarships for undergraduate international students who wish to study in the Canada.

5. Memorial University of Newfoundland:

offers programs including arts, sciences, engineering, business, and more. Students can pursue undergraduate and postgraduate degrees depending on their academic interests.

6. University of Regina:

The University of Regina offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs across various faculties.

Scholarships in Canada Without IELTS

Universities that offers Scholarships in Canada Without IELTS

1. University of Calgary International Scholarships

University of Calgary in Canada awards scholarship to international students who wish to study in Canada. Their offers may range from $5000 to $60,000.

2. University of Toronto Ontario Graduate Scholarship

These scholarships are accessible to citizens and also international students at the University of Toronto’s school of Graduate.

3. University of Toronto Scholarships

Each year, the University of Toronto grants over 4,400 undergraduate scholarships across its faculties, campuses, and colleges.

4. The Albert Canadian scholarship

Sponsored by a Canadian NGO, selects students for the award every year.

5.York University International Student Scholarship Program

Students with excellent academic performance who are admitted to York University can receive scholarships ranging from $60,000 to $100,000 throughout their 4year degree programs.

6.Concordia University

Located in Montreal present scholarship opportunities for international undergraduate students to support their education.

7. University of Manitoba

The institution provides scholarships for international undergraduate students to further their studies.

Also, international graduate students can Gain scholarships through the universities Faculty of Graduate Studies.

8.Simon Fraser University Financial Aid and Awards

The University Open a window of scholarships and other funding opportunities for domestic and international students who have plans to study in Canada or are currently studying in the university.

9. Queen’s University International Scholarships

A few awards are only open to students from India, Pakistan, and the United States
A number of scholarships for international students to study at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

How to Apply for Scholarships in Canada Without IELTS

Here are procedures to follow when applying for scholarship ship without IELTS in Canada:

Search for a Scholarships in Canada without IELTS

English Proficiency Certificate:

If you have previously studied in English, obtain a letter from your college confirming your English proficiency. You can use this letter as part of your study permit application to fulfill the English language requirements.

• Complete an English Language Course in Canada: If you do not have IELTS, TOEFL, or an English Proficiency Certificate, enroll in an ESL Program (English as a Second Language) to continue your studies in Canada.

• This program lasts for 6 months, this will enable you to get better in your English language program in Canada before commencement of studies.